Fairy tale about ways of scientific knowledge

→ the turn Has approached to entertain tired with reading of " the grateful reader ". And so, what way goes official "Academic" science? We shall try to understand this problem and to straighten{find} out all pluses and minuses of such approach, and at the same time and his{its} essence.
→ And to start it is necessary from an extreme antiquity and to see " as it was ".
→ the ancient person Ran on prairies, as that. In such, whether know, a cool, shaggy hairdress which in millenaries, after contraction and design surveys and shifts was a success for hippie. He has been dressed in cool skins "haute couture", a fresh manufacture - the rest after ceremonial съедения{Have eaten} lived in them animal. And so, he ran cheerfully wagging with the liked cudgel and looking after on whose head of her{it} unintentionally to lower{omit}. The word looked on the parties and has not noted a treacherous stump with root, вылезшую{Appeared} to get warm on the sun. Also he was linked ноженькой {Leg}for a damned stump with root. The stump with root (so the ancient person has learnt law of elasticity) also has cushioned, and force " (later called as aerodynamics) has raised here our scientist in air " бесова{Demonic} and he has departed... Naturally on a ballistic curve. And, as is known, the end of this trajectory always in what that rests. Also he (there is not an end, and a potent forehead of the scientist) was rested against a boulder. Also our scientist has learnt here solid-state physics. Also fell down from eyes of his{its} spark (see as for a long time the mankind has run in an electricity). He here also has emited some notes (having acquainted with science acoustics). On his{its} potent forehead certain spherical (geometry) and red (laws opticians) a figure, later received (linguistics) the term "cone" (scientific grading) also has grown. Also there was that cone warm (in the beginning as thought because of "Heat-to-give-rise", but Lomonosov has found here increase Molecular-kinetic motion). That scientific epopee was finished by discovering of medicine since the weed which there and then has been set up on the former cone has got to the scientist under an arm{a hand} what that.
→ Since then many generations of scientists punched the mighty foreheads a gap in science, and the path{route} of scientific knowledge was not changed. Also stated that path{route} " from simple to the composite, from major to small-sized ".
→ nowadays the Academic science Also has crawled to an elementary particle physics, and even more small-sized horizon where it is necessary to ramp to new generations of scientists is seen in the distance. But... Whether that path{route} is correct? Instead of whether better to go other way? More correctly intermediate. The second path{route} is a philosophy practiced on the orient together with meditation. Ancient eastern philosophers whom that an incomprehensible mode{image} was created with doctrines which surprisedly supplement, confirm some of the modern discoveries.
→ But on the orient all and remains philosophy, technical experiences, experiments there is not conducted. And if to elect mean, a transition type of scientific schools. A golden section of the west and the orient, with the advanced experimental practice and the meditative analysis? Difficultly? Yes, difficultly. Unusually? Yes, unusually. In the aggregate, each decides for itself(himself). Each selects on itself(himself).
→ Personally it is possible sometimes and to use to me in part such approach.

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