The device of Universe

→ For the best perception of some themes present in this book, I shall set up the view on principles of construction and interaction of a matter in this World or if so it is pleasant to you - in our Measurement of the Universe more. Washing the theory is not completed yet, but for understanding this book, a theme of parapsychology, its{her} some elements are demanded only, therefore I shall set up only the necessary part.
→ And so, the theory of Universe, the philosophical - model approach. Starting-points the theory of periodic{batch} construction of fundamental particles of academician N.Akulova, and the theory of "boiling" air void minister, I do not know what writer which fragments to me the Science and life " was possible to read in due course in the log-book ".
→ I Shall say so: it is necessary to know something, then to create the theory, And only after to compare her{it} to other theories. Otherwise there is a hazard to pass already known way, and to hit in the same dock. Of what all will consist? From Vacuum. By and large. And on small too. Great (I not about scales, I about importance) Vacuum. Than we breath? An atmosphere, air. Atoms and molecules of gases, elastically making a start are had.
→ In what are had, what between atoms? Vacuum! Between spacings of molecules? Vacuum. Inside of atoms we shall have a look - electrons fly around of a nucleus. In what fly? In Vacuum. And the atomic kernel not a monolith, there too is more than Vacuum, than contents. Inside neutron asters and black holes of Vacuum is smaller, but also there she{it} suffices.
→ And to say it is necessary - Vacuum very much the strange piece. In Vacuum the Matter of all kinds{views} is distributed: from light up to galaxies. In Vacuum all interactions and forces of the Matter are distributed also. That is Vacuum is completely not empty, she is the basis{fundamentals} of interactions, arena, an explorer and as I shall describe below also essence only. Great Vacuum routinely call the Space.
→ N.Akulov has entered and has shown charge (the term of the writer - " unitized quantum ") structure of all fundamental particles, as well as a principled capability of construction more composite of more simple. In theory "boiling" air void fluctuation ability electrically the neutral{inert} Space to disintegration on separate positive and negative charges which are the basis{fundamentals} of all interactions is proved. Fluctuations are very short, and charges are mutual canceled out, again generating neutral{inert} air void.
→ Having such basis{fundamentals}, I needed to assume only, that " unitized quanta " and charges of "boiling" air void it is the same essence. But what the air void distinguishes from the Matter? In vacuo charges fluctuate linearly. In the Matter charges is sequenced are spun on the orbits, being kept, the friend for the friend by electrical forces. Their difference in the PULSE of EXISTENCE (wash the term). There are pulses - there is a Matter, there are no pulses - only "boiling" air void.
→ the Pulse of existence is guiding, information process. Take away from the Matter pulses of existence and charges it is relative{mutual} will be deleted, анигилируют, having generated power.
→ Replied That, I answer and As. On orbital ways of charges of the Matter meet flying apart fluctuation charges of "boiling" air void. There is an annihilation of unlike charges, the recombination, is transmitted to the staying charges a pulse of existence. It is received, that all Matter of the Universe is renovated. How often? It is necessary to recollect, that the minimum survival time of unstable fundamental particles compounds{makes} about{near} 10 in a minus of the twenty third degree of sec. I guess, that approximately for same, aliquot, time (an instant of the Universe) is renovated also all Matter.
→ And that, all Matter of the Universe - both I, and you and all around - a teeming horde of pulses of existence. All - is farther (more deeply) than anything no. It is the base of Universe. Further only other Measurements. And it any more our Space.
→ Whence the ordered structure of pulses, what or who has generated them originally has undertaken? I do not know. Clearly only that all Matter and all its{her} interactions have зарядово-impulse character.
→ If to whom not dexterously and not customary to feel itself only structure of pulses of existence, "process", I can remind sense of words of one physician: " that I have learnt process of digestion, I have not lost appetite ".
→ In the aggregate, you can be consoled, and present yourselves at a higher level of fundamental particles, as a package{packet} of lentic electromagnetic waves. Do not want a package{packet}, be an ascus. And special vulnerable can keep to feel itself loftily and traditionally - as leather a bag with bones, on seventy percents gap-filling water.
→ But we shall return to "heavenly" structure of pulses of existence. How processes of interaction of the Matter implement? What is the mass attraction and time? What is the routine magnetic field?
→ On these problems, set you to their any Academician, at the best would receive the answer, that, say, in interesting range of the Space following laws are executed{designed}... Known from school.
→ And still, how?
→ In this place I have reworked{altered} the chapter - me have suffered long and tiresomely to describe essence of Mass attraction, Time, with his{its} properties and Magnetism. But it does not touch a theme of the book. I shall say briefly: the Matter has a charge - impulse (information) nature, and Mass attraction and Time - properties of a matter. Magnetism, all on everything, some polarization of pulses of existence...
→ I have tried to tell, that such the Matter, Time, Mass attraction, Magnetism. As it is accepted, the new theory should give new forecasts. I shall try you a little to surprise. Do not refuse.
→ Time, directly, is not connected in any way with causally - investigatory circuits. Time - be relative, for any object of the Matter - the time. Time, permanently accelerates the course. The matter - permanently extends. Mass attraction - is permanently slackened.
→ In past eyelid D.Vebera's wide area experiments on search of gravity waves have been put. They did not give outcomes. It is no wonder. The matter is that mass attraction is static. Speed of its{her} distribution{propagation} - light. But in the Nature there are gravitational - temporary waves, i.e. having, as the minimum two components. Analogously to electromagnetic waves. I have written - as the minimum two components. Apparently, грави-temporary waves have still components, but they lay in the other Measurement of the Space. It just a path{route} to his{its} probe.
→ How to catch for a tail a gravitational - temporary wave I yet do not know. And what practical speed of its{her} distribution{propagation} too. The schedule{chart} shows, that in adjacent Measurement of the Space speed of light is, as though, limit, and time - is negative. As it will influence its{her} distribution{propagation} is not clear yet.
→ The matter is that at direct measurement, temporary a component should rig{level} gravity. By the way, static{quiescent} mass attraction has impulse character - i.e. is quantized.
→ the Following forecast. I have told the mechanism of action of static mass attraction. He is fair on speeds, a lot of smaller light. On about light speeds the additive mechanism consisting in a volume acts, that affiliated pulses cannot leave forwards while communications{connections} sideways and remain back. It results in effects of the braking operation described by the Einstein, an apparent weight gain and reduction of length of object.
→ the Latter. The space. The Einstein had been entered as a matter of convenience descriptions and obviousnesses the term "Space-time". Actually Time, as well as Mass attraction, are function of the Matter which, shall remind, has a charge nature. The space is arena of action, the auxiliary supplier of fluctuating charges. The most reasonable model - the solid Space. All Matter in a nem is virtual processes. And all interactions of the Matter too.
→ Inquest - a speed of sound (as small mechanic influence) in solids routinely very major. Only how to shake the basis{fundamentals}, being process in her? As you could note, in this theory I introduce{uptake} some new concepts: " a pulse of existence ", " an instant of the Universe ", " a gravitational - temporary wave ". These terms meet in miscellaneous chapters of this book, and the explanation demanded.
→ In a quantum physics, recently it is a lot of to be spoken about the factor of supervision{observation}, i.e. sharing{participation} of consciousness during a microcosmos. If there is no consciousness (i.e. the fact of supervision{observation}) all particles of a matter are submitted{shown} by waves. I.e. The matter will consist of packages{packets} of lentic electromagnetic waves. If there is a fact of supervision{observation} - the Matter is submitted{shown} by fundamental particles.
→ If you penetrating enough meditate, and nobody looks at you, nothing fixs, anybody does not recall you at present, that is chance, that you - your wave packet, in this moment have blurred on all Universe, a shower - at least. In this World all be relative.
→ the Absolute true does not happen, and I should, is obliged in what to make an error. To not occlude process of the further knowledge.
→ I Want to note, that this theory formed for personal needs and interests, and was not intended for "облагодетельствования" mankinds. Only the event has forced to make public its{her} part among others materials. As you could note, I have passed by other elementary interactions, they are not interesting to me, at least, while. Knowing the basis{fundamentals}, you and can easily understand their mode of functioning.
→ I Read the torsion theory and the theory of supercatguts. Has not carried to their writers, they have gone "not there" and have hitted in docks. How to be spoken " the God has not taught, and the evil spirit has confused ". And the small chest was simply unclosed...

→ P.S. it is not necessary to think, that I have already understood all nuances of time and mass attraction. Actually it is a new layer of knowledge (or " higher horizon "). I only began "to pick" it{him}. That that is understandable (it a little), that that appears vaguely - intuitive (it rather decent piece), and that that only is meant, there is a sensation " that there more precisely.... Further, that that still is ".

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