→ the Concept "biofield" is widely used in the parapsychological literature, but till now anybody precisely does not know, what is it such. Numerous scientific probes by definition physical fields and radiances of the person which have revealed availability ultrared, ultra-violet, acoustical and electromagnetic fields were conducted. All these outcomes are described in the conforming literature.
→ the Scientific judgement is seduced to that concept "biofield" this complex{integrated} action of all above-stated radiances. Probably it so, I want to add to this one more mechanism of radiance and interaction of alive objects. But it later, all over again let's understand with each of already investigated sources of fields.
→ the Infrared rays - property of all bodies having temperature, superior environment temperature. In my judgement, organisms do not communicate in this wave band wherefore there is a mechanism of modulation of radiance.
→ the Ultraviolet radiation - arises, apparently, from exited, charged cellular membranes. And proceeding from this, can transmit the information on small-scale processes of an organism (as that interaction of a cell with a microbe, a signal of cell-like danger, etc.).
→ Acoustic radiation - arises from pulsations by activity of organs of a body, as that respiration, palpitation, "buzz" of muscles, pulsations of an internals. Practically all organs of a body have the mechanical resonance. By the way and the word - the second signal system, on Pauls for, falls into to a speech transmission of the information.
→ Electromagnetic radiation - under the conventional theory is generated by biological currents. Despite of their small frequency and absence of antennas, tuned in a resonance to this frequency (the linear length of antennas should be equal to hundreds and thousand kilometres) - can transmit the bioinformation, on close distances, due to "condenser" effect, or it is contact, through points of an acupuncture, well and a magnetic field as.
→ The mechanism of modulation of the natural electromagnetic field originating between an ionosphere and a surface of the Earth, radiance of the person Is possible{probable}. It is the probable basis{fundamentals} for long-distance telepathic communication{connection}.
→ And so, in my opinion, the biofield is a complex of the set forth above radiances, except for thermal which can have only additive " The adder plus " effect (i.e. there where there is no power for exaltation of a receptor). As, for example, it is done{made} with plants, acquiring poorly power light photon, and summarizing his{its} power with an ambient thermal background, for achievement of a threshold of the power necessary for a photosynthesis.
→ I want to add one more component in this complex. The question is peculiar "composite material" from acoustical and electromagnetic radiations. I already wrote, that organs of a body oscillate, pulse. And thus they oscillate ambient air, where always at what that quantity there are the charged ions (by the way and at the body of them much).
→ From physics it is known, that oscillating charges invoke{produce} radiance of electromagnetic waves. To you one more, unfortunately as low-powered, the mechanism of biocommunication{bioconnection} of organisms.
→ By the way, the person has created the synfils having major electrifying, and clothes{clothing} from them. This circumstance enhances{strengthens} action of the above described mechanism.
→ And in summary I shall tell about the involuntary experience on a detection and ranging a biofield. It was at night, in the summer. Incomplete moon weakly looked through through clouds. I should pass kilometre three. Two of them passed on a hill, wooded. On this trail I already walked in the afternoon, time two. And I go at night. In the open the trail was discernible well enough and when I have come in a wood could not make out the arm{hand} brought to naze. Where I have regretted, that the flashlight with me no. To go further I was necessary, and, having raised arms{hand}, have exhibited palms forwards. In such rule{situation;position}, on a wavy-grained wood trail, I have climbed up a hill, and was lowered on his{its} revertive downslope. So I have overcome these two kilometres.
→ the Most surprising, I have never come across a tree, and apparently have almost precisely passed on a trail. I felt palms, apart, that is before me. And as though saw eyes, no, not a trail, there to see generally anything it was impossible, I saw, or it is better to say felt a path{route}.

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