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→ All of us, sooner or later, transfer to other world. And therefore all of us the problem on a shower, to some extent, interests. All religions and as national Stories creativity, long since attempted to interpret those few facts which are present for mankind.
→ Routinely put ended divinity, and did not reach even philosophical understanding. There were also infrequent attempts of philosophers to understand this problem.
→ As if to technological idea only one attempt is known for me to slightly open a screen of secret. As that was shown by vision with experiences of the American explorers. They weighed to a box with the dying person. I shall try to not put under doubt that scientifically popular film though "miracles" TV are known for all. In a death point (it is better to say, in time - wherefore it it it is process not momentary), the system "box - person" was facilitated on if to me memory{remembrance} does not variate, twenty gramme.
→ In the same place has been submitted{shown} other - "brutal" experience: on weights stood bank with the gnawer in which dripped a poison, and at once sealed off hermetically. After a while (dying), balance slowly showed reduction of weight of system. Precisely I do not remember, but units gramme. Now we shall not speak about cruelty and "чЄрствосердии" these experiments, and we shall a little analyze outcome of [another's] experiences.
→ And so - defect of mass, gauged was supervised by grammes, we Shall recollect, that at explosions of atomic bombs - the part of substance passes in power. Just, where that, a little bit{some} gramme. Well and how the Earth is not pitted entirely by funnels of explosions - it is possible to think, that this effect - not defect of mass, and transition of that, where that. Even through the cloged jar. I already wrote about the device of the Universe, about Charges-electrical essence of a matter. And so, most likely, a shower is as a stem of electromagnetic processes which have passed banks as an electromagnetic wave through glass.
→ Having discovered the tutorial У Physiology for medical HIGH SCHOOLS Ф, it is possible to find the scheme of course of nerve fibres over bark major parencephalons. And, having applied a unified view on the Universe and the Person in her, on the Nature and essence of things and the processes ambient us and if to recollect, that the Nature often uses similar - checked{tested} solutions, and that the most resistant vortexes are торообразные (for example, motion of a magma over bark the Earth, plasma propulsion on the Sun, the device of a ball lighting, and many other things - used as idle time, but rough natural analog) - that at imposing{superposition} of a torus on the above said scheme of brain nerve fibres, is received visual concurrence{coincidence}.
→ Stating the hypothesis, I do not collect{pluck} her{it} strengthened to propagandize or prove, only I shall add several primes. Among which there will be both problems, and itself declaimings{oppositions}.
→ And so, if to assume, that a shower is the torus of electromagnetic fields stowed within the limits of a brain, and at life powered biological currents. That after mors, this process descends " from guides " and, losing power, starts to extend, saving торообразную the form. If to take into account improbably major power showers, gauged in GRAMMES of electromagnetic fields fans{amateurs} of mathematics can calculate speed of expansion, time for which a shower will extend up to volumes of the Universe and as the life time showers as a resistant torus.
→ I Think, that here it usable as the principle of a holography - in each point of a torus showers is contained the information on all a shower, is natural in the dim, abbreviated form.
→ I Shall try to approach by contradiction, i.e. we shall accept{take}, that a shower has no mass and, therefore, and time delays. If to recollect, that the Earth lays eggs on an orbit around of the Sun with speed tens kilometres per second, and the Sun moves{migrates} in a water hose of our Galaxy which in turn where that goes it will be received, that for deduction and "correct" expansion showers - (from the Earth and further), as a hobby on the Earth there should be "beacon", for example, the alive relatives remembering deceased.
→ And what fatherlesses and lone? It is received, that their showers will leave every second from the Earth on hundreds kilometres. Through how much that hours their showers will appear outside the Solar system? That that is not logical, and hardly one showers "here", and other "there". The nature is unified. But in that case, it is necessary to speak at once about presence for showers of substantial, strictly scientific parameters, including weight, time delay and power. For help: power can be calculated showers under the known formula of Einstein E=M*C2.
→ If I am not mistaken, roughly, the instantaneous power human showers is peer to billions horse - powers. Who wants to know precise value, can express weight showers in kilograms, speed of light in meters per second, do not forget to square. The multiplication will give value of power in kilogram-meters, and one horse - power is peer seventy five kilogram-meters. From here also second power showers will be received. Can calculate power in other units of physics.
→ such "spiritual" problems. Like it would be received, that a shower it is real, strictly scientific, and represents the "volumetric" electromagnetic field bearing power and the information. Here it is necessary to mark, that proceeding from the theory of Universe, time in " the space a shower " will go not with earth speed, and is much faster.
→ To calculate parameters "alive" showers it is possible having repelled from biological currents and topology of a brain. I shall hold on to computer terms. A clock rate - from 8 up to 100 hz. (on miscellaneous modes: from a wakefulness before creative exaltation). The splint - from tens thousand, up to hundreds millions simultaneously working axons, a kind{view} of signals - impulse (and any pulse signal comprises higher harmonics), under medical data the nerve fibre is capable to drop up to 1000 hz. Speed of transit of nervous impulse - 120 meters per second.
→ It again, to fans{amateurs} of mathematics. I, as practices, a flying ten received "volumetric" electromagnetic fields back: "in steps - ball-shaped" and "longwise
→ perpendicular" - in the domestic laboratory. I used then magnetic to a component which, as is known, is ten times more weak electrical. Also radiated, I do not know where - in an ether or " the space a shower ", for test, music what under an arm{a hand} has got. Radiated power was small, watt fifty - seventy, on rather low, "swimming" frequencies.
→ That power was radiated is reliablly. And a "volumetric" field. I shall add only, that these experiments I conducted not for probe showers. I also have mentioned them only in connection with that, that at desire it is possible to attempt to produce specialized "radiator", and at very major desire and "receiver" for the exploratory purposes, well and can be and for communication{connection} with " that light ".
→ I have written the Latter half-jokingly - half-seriously. Not all so is simple, the radiator should be much more complex{multiple} than what I used, and principles of the radiance should be revised and advanced.
→ And for method it is required, except for correctly made "antenna", also over sensing, over Poorly rustling the receiver - the booster. Probably such what use for a long-distance space communication.
→ And the latest - for full certainty of existence showers would be not bad to take advantage of achievements krionics. But to preserve life, instead of corpses. With conforming to the long-lived before Tinneds preparation: a dehydration of an organism, a saturation his{its} carbonic gas and glycerine, on a special diet and a gas exchange, with correct, a step freezing.
→ then, at Thawing the person, the Civilization would have chance to receive especial knowledge. Well for now the problem remains nevertheless open{discovered}.

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