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→ In this chapter I shall describe to what was the witness, that saw the eyes. Some the inexplicable "air" and "earth" facts of supervision{observation}.
→ Business was to year in 1979м, or in 80м, hours per nine evenings, in the beginning of winter. Above Saratov there was a low cloud ceiling. And inside this hymenium, near to its{her} border{limit}, I have noted sparking motley fires. They occurbed{came up} and petered as though in two lines. In the beginning I have thought - the airplane on planting catches, and fires - his{its} onboard navigating{navigational}. But the matter is that on stretch approximately five minutes fires sparked as though on one place. Later some days, approximately at the same time, I again supervised the same effect. And that I doubly was the witness of the strange show. And it is necessary to say, that in aircraft I enough aware person. Already in those years I was the pilot of a reserve transport - the cohesive helicopter. At the end of the seventieth years of the USSR it was awakely prepared for reflectance American - NATO aggression. Which, by the way, and has not followed. Probably, we were too ready. Six air armies of a reserve generated{formed}. Same, as well as I, guys learned{taught} to pilot not only helicopters, but also propeller transport aeroplanes and reactive fighters. I do not know, what for them was the curriculum, and us, helicopter pilots learned{taught} also to formation flight and in the composite meteorological conditions (not Vainly I have mentioned it - further you will understand why). In general the bloom was not major - hours hundred ten but if to recollect the second World war in which moments of rupture, near Moscow and Stalingrad, pilots in crocked eggs issued with a raid{film} from fifteen till twenty five o'clock. In the aggregate, it is understandable - fly we could well enough, and in air were not lost. As here I can add - about mental health, medical boards were stringent, with glitches in pilots do not take. It I about certainty of the facts stated in this book. Now about "acquaintance" to clouds, it within the limits of a theme, but lyrical digression.
→ I somehow Have received the task for solo flight in a zone. And an altitude, meters four hundred or six hundred, precisely I do not remember, it preset. The beginnings a spiral an altitude to type and has flown in a cloud. And it is necessary to say, solo flights were allowed us only in " simple meteorological conditions ", and in clouds to be put, accordingly, was provided against. The youth, in the task has been indicated an altitude, and I On climbed am farther. By then I already had some experience of flights " on devices " and knew, that human feelings are deceitful (I ask it to store) i.e. when grounds it is not visible, and by circle a hymenium at "direct" flight, apparently, that, both itself, and the helicopter " where that are choked " - are inclined. Having turned round and round "correctly" - on devices, I have decided to deliver experiment (the blessing, the altitude allowed) on check of "attitudes" and has delivered the helicopter in the rule{situation;position} conforming to speculative frankness. It was terminated that, that I have fallen out of a cloud with onboard rolls and on diving with very even decent speed (the device The gauge for a scale) - meters in two hundred from ground above what that the railway. Has oriented, has corrected the helicopter, has reported via radio to the officer in charge of flying on a cloud height, has received the indicating - to be kept under clouds, and On climbed under a cloud. That was farther, I have remembered well, though here there was nothing mystical. Can present itself: a dace cloud, but in three - five meters above a head, occasionally you dive in his{its} lower edge{boundarouse} - colour, as in a mist. Being turned, turns I write out. And here, from a cloud, beads start to fall out. A dia of centimeter two - three, rarely, but from all surface of a cloud. And sloping lay eggs to ground. A rain! I to turn, a slope strip of a rain knap on a windshield, on a fuselage. On a head the headset, above a head howl eight hundred turbine horses and as these beads knock on a fuselage - it is audible. Well, not a hail. Probably I screws Has intermixed a cloud, and it прохудилось{It was made a hole}.
→ Hardly later, having arrived on an aerodrome, I went on an airfield. Тучка, whipped by me, has crawled to an aerodrome, and I doubly have hitted under the same rain. He was not the strong, with routine drops. Most soon, at fall, large beads because of aerodynamic forces, and can electrostatic - from air friction at fall, were broke up on small-sized drops.
→ What breedings follow from this lyrical digression? First - our, human sense bodys are not perfect. That the theory of sight confirms also - we can see only that are ready to see. The second - returning to fires in a cloud, - proceeding from my flight experience, fires were not further as in three meters from an edge{a boundarouse}, in depth of a cloud and ignited without method then that there.
→ What is it was? I do not know. Miracles of the Soviet defence? It is not logical: fires only attention involve - what that anti masking, and rays from ground, laser or The floodlight, it was not visible.
→ In the beginning of the eightieth years, I fished somehow, in the beginning of August, on Volga. Time was hours seven evenings. I sit in a boat, at a float I look. Has seen in the root. Flies. That flies, not understandably. Highly. A point, for her a track of inversion, as behind an airplane on high altitudes. From a point, perpendicularly trajectories, proceed three rays. From the cleaning cloth of these rays as, tracks of inversion start. And in addition all this slowly is spun, tracks of inversion of rays will derivate a huge spiral in three racetracks, around of central. Minutes fifteen I considered this show, Then the point has disappeared, tracks of inversion become to resolve.
→ Too, that that not logical. Time inversion - signifies, put in an atmosphere descended. But it is high - tens kilometres. Rays - for what, perpendicularly flight lines? Simultaneously - the pulse is extinguished? If a ballast dumped{reset;droped} - enough two rays, on a diagonal. If rays gas - would be a track of inversion by the way spokes, edges. And here inversion only from the cleaning cloth of rays, a legible central track of a point and three spirals?
→ there Was I somehow, in midpoint of the eightieth years on a tram shut-down. Summer. Hours six evenings. In the root has seen. Be at this time moon, she faded would be. I look - three moons, the routine angular dimensions, but colour of them not routine. To people has shown - we look. One more occurs{comes up}, still, still. All of the equal dimension and colour. Precisely I do not remember, six or seven them was. Occurbed{came up} - not from a point grew, and as at development of a photo. There was a sensation, now will appear, has appeared, colour has typed, was recorded. They placed not endways, and on an arch, a horseshoe. Minutes twenty we considered them. All of "moon" have been legiblly contoured, and after twenty minutes become to creep away. In fifteen minutes, there was something like a cirrus cloud.
→ What is it - what that extra-atmospheric experiment? But dimensions legiblly keeping a long time, and then "mixing"?
→ In the beginning of the ninetieth, in midpoint of autumn, there were we - three "aviators". I and two masters of lungs the YAK - 18Т on Hill also communicated " on air ". An end of day, yet did not get dark. While talk on was more common air themes, all of us awakely talked. Then talk was switched to concrete problems on YAKS, and I have started missing. And at the root has seen. The breeze fragmentary облачка at the altitude meters hundred fifty bore. And between them the flashlight flied. By light intensity, as, a magpie watt a circular bulb, from a distance{range} hundred fifty meters. That in a breakage Clouds through them looked through. He flied and flied. I have shown this "flashlight" to guys. Minutes of magpies we for nymas looked after, while it{him} it was visible. Bore it{him} downwind, at one altitude, for Volga.
→ And it that? If the meteorological probe, what for a flashlight, and "bubble" above nymas it was not visible to him. And what accumulator would be necessary, that magpies of watt of power so long to return? If a ball lighting, whether that is long to her so to shine? And It is damp was - charges would leave, have vanished.
→ I saw such celestial "phenomena". To explain them for me somehow it is impossible. But I think, nevertheless, what is it tricks of the Homo of the Sapiens. It would be desirable to believe, that we have farly left from a silicon axe.
→ I Was as the witness of two phenomena which can be referred to "psychophysical" grading. In 1990 year Russia experienced the peak of parapsychological boom. At that time us have invited to see at experience. And one business to read, hear stories is necessary to say, to see by vision (with all their videoeffects), and absolutely other business to be present at several meters to have a capability to ask, touch the arms{hand}. And so, at us on a floor have spread newspapers. On them bottles (edges{boundarice} were acute, we tampered with them) have been there and then battered. On debris a back has lain the man, and on a breast to him have risen five person. After the terminal of experience of a spin of the experimenter there was practically the whole. Tracks from pressed bottle debris were visible. One was even, I would say, a cut - a red, anaemic strip.
→ Another time we witness much more exotic experiment. Before us there was family " alive magnets ", both adult, and children which could "paste" to itself different subjects including heavy road drags and girdles. But it only half surprising. To us, to all present, "has been transferred"{has been handed"} - this "magnetic" ability is transmitted. For example, I easily retained - "примагничивал{Attracted as a magnet}" to an arm{a hand} a ball-point pen. And even through two - three hours, already having come home, I could retain still Cover of a fountain pen from a fountain pen. Business was in the evening, and in the morning I already could nothing "примагнитить{Attracted as a magnet}".
→ this experience allows to speak about information character of this "interaction". Wherefore present not only saw, i.e. witness, but also "have been trained" - i.e. the capability has been transferred{handed} to us to do{make} similar.
→ the Strange, nevertheless, an entity - the PERSON. That that created for us endways before naze, we are not capable to see, and that that exotic (i.e. not relating a daily reality of life) - we can to create also.

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