→ the Mysticism environs us and our acts. Roofing felts this property of man's reason - to see and abnormally to compare with the routine facts, whether in it " that that is ". Eyelids and millenaries the Mankind remains in ignorance concerning this problem. And how much auditions and legends are induced for this time.
→ I as do not know the answer to this problem. Also that it is even worse - any theory tangent mysticism, in my head does not want to arise.
→ is Lower, on an example of a history of my family, I shall describe a series of the mystical facts to which do not have argument. I shall make it without attempts of the analysis for which, probably, yet all "кирпичики" have stolen up, but that that I attempt to comment.
→ I Want to note, that the majority of the facts circumscribed by me is lower, are in themselves usual, or can be explained from items of "common sense", as a last resort, with use of medical psychology and "standard" arguments of parapsychology. Many, but not all. And more, the system of their developments surprises.
→ And so, the vein was routine family. All was within the limits of the ordinary, up to what that of the moment. Also there has come the moment "X".
→ washing the grandmother Hardly falls ill. Practically in the same time its{her} junior brother living in other republic, and nowadays to country falls ill. Estonia, one and a half thousand kilometres from here. In some months he dies, still through some, the grandmother. Passes about a year. The junior brother of my mother living as in other republic, and as nowadays to other country is sick and dies. Latvia, as one and a half thousand kilometres from here. In some months dies washing mother, up to that too sick.
→ So it was received, the Soviet medicine sent "unpromising" ill in regional hospitals for "after-care", that tombs of mine of the grandmother and mother have appeared in miscellaneous areas of range, and between them approximately 150 kilometres. Not clear fact: on their tombs, on an equal place, nearby to crosses, have grown crippled - crippled a sapling.
→ Has passed more than 30 flying from the date of the last mors, and these of a sapling remain small, approximately in growth of the person. Number{series}, on both cemeteries, will grow trees of a normal height. And on one tomb such no more.
→ I do not know, that is done{made} on tombs of brothers of my relatives, to depart for one and a half thousand kilometres and in days of the USSR was трудновато, and now it is practically impossible. I think, that all of them were killed with damage.
→ the event the bound with guessing on maps Was. Guess many and much. As it is routine, according to the law of probability, half coincides, her{it} and remember, and the unsuccessful half of "forecasts" is forgotten.
→ we Have got into conversation as that with comrade, that tells: was for гадательницы, she as it is routine, has told " that was, that is, that will be ". Has passed already time after that, ALL coincides. Wash comrade has learned{has found out} about her for familiar, that too valid guessings were. For me at that time all affairs went, as well as possible, but it wanted to see itself, curiosity up has taken.
→ we Come, strangely enough, to the dwelling, where I earlier, in the childhood of cable cores. But we call in other dwelling unit. As has appeared, this old woman - гадательница in this dwelling recently lives. She has told fortunes to me. That was, and that is has told - has coincided. On these points I, and advise you, a lot of attention to not reverse. That was, has passed. That is, itself I know. And гадательница, it is possible, that that heard, or there can be she possesses a telepathy of exotic capabilities. And that will be, interestingly. Here neither auditions, nor a telepathy will not help. She also has foretold me such, that I whether have thought, whether have aloud said - " there will be no it ". Very much forecasts have not liked me, and I at once from a head have run them.
→ the Fact is the fact, month through two other life, a zebra began for me. All from black and grey strips, and black is more. Has passed almost 15 flying, whether it is time to these strips to conclude? Such old woman, it is possible to say Russian Ванга.
→ Has brought as that washing the marital partner of two solidifying котят. Who has exhibited that on street, in midpoint of April, a cardboard box with a brook. Котятам was day two - three from a stem. These two still moved.
→ we Have warmed them, have given a drink milk. How to make a small dummy, we and have not guessed, and they hilariously started up milk bubbles naze when absorbed milk from a palm.
→ a day later котята have quickened, and through two - already were engaged in mountaineering, залазив on an arm{a hand} up to a shoulder{an arm}. We as did not conceive that to have animal of a house and have decided, that we shall bring up these two котят, and we shall release them on a rate in the summer. Let will be feral{natural}, but alive. Or, maybe, who that will take them from us. For any alive entity the life, the destiny. And names to them did not give, called among themselves "grey" and "streaky".
→ Котята have lived for us four days. Крепли, but suddenly both were ill and for a following morning have died. They were still blind, and per day the mors should start to hear. For the life they had time to learn only human arms{hand}.
→ we Have buried them in park, under a bush of an arbor vitae. Following days it was sad to us. And, by the evening, after two day after their mors, for me as that that was switched off. Cool, безэмоциональное intellection, and thought " features with them " (with котятами). I have run this thought. For a following morning, three day after mors, per hour their morses, and have died they of minutes of magpies one by one, to me there was "vision". In air has arisen, and has become as though to leave the plotting of a kitten which has died first.
→ I am not poorly familiar with activity of a brain, and the visual centres, in particular{personally}. And I consider{count}, that the plotting in air was not. The brain can quite synthesize the plotting and itself. But the fruit is my "imagination" or "something" has forced wash a brain to generate "vision", I do not know it.
→ I Can assume, nevertheless, what is it there was "something" since except for a circumscribed series of "visions", I with the similar spontaneous phenomena did not meet any more.
→ the Plotting was not legible, but it was possible to associate it{him} with this kitten. The plotting was static, i.e. the kitten left not moving lugs. Before loss of picture, the kitten has turned{rotated} to me the blind muzzle, and I have experienced, as in my head are selected{puck} (do not arise, and the necessary Russian words are selected{puck} by exhaustive search). Sense: " well good... ".
→ And it came to pass I had plotting of the second kitten. This kitten too was static, but left organized by a muzzle to me. The front his{its} petering seemed to me, that he has raised one lug, as though in a mark of compliment (you, probably, saw how grapnels get that that from above is there was a similar posture). In this moment in my head as the phrase, rather slowly, has stolen up. " Be the good person ". All. Almost. Life is life, cares for all suffice. All is forgotten.
→ As that, all of a sudden, me has visited third, last "vision". The angle of park and a bush of an arbor vitae about which we котят have buried was presented. From ground flapped the fountains of sparks recalling bengal fires, or without delay salute. I have considered days, there were half-year from the moment of mors котят. Descended{went} in park, stones with which I have marked a place of entombment, was not. Probably, the yard keeper of them has removed.
→ Why half-year? For animal very short нейрологические chains and the small volume of a brain, consciousness, therefore, misses? What was it? For I wash life, up to, the ambassador, similar "visions" any more were not. The person religious, or not in a measure superstitious, would decide, that in wash a forehead endways таки it is knocked " Перст God's ". But the Cossack forehead is strong.
→ In the foreword I wrote, that occurrence{appearance} of this book is obliged post-mortem desire of my father. To His{Its} Maintenance{Drift} it is connected a circuit of the mystical phenomena or events.
→ I Shall begin that I all wash life "owl", i.e. I prefer to go to bed попозже, and accordingly as to rise. And I have got used to consider{count}, that "owl" to be good. But days for eleven - twelve up to mors of the father I have suddenly become "lark". And it was terminated in days eleven after his{its} mors.
→ selection is more correct now, often, almost every day for me, to conduct day as "lark" or is customary - as "owl". Has appeared, that "lark" too not to be bad. In what that similar the phenomena, and in the same times was and for my sister. Упомяну, that "lark" always was wash father.
→ In a morning of mors of the father, for me as that peculiarly "trod out" heart. And this "pressure" has passed, as I have then learned{have then found out}, approximately per hour his{its} morses.
→ I already wrote, that laying in a coffin for the father such kind{view} was, that he wants that that us to say. Hereinafter I "have caught", what exactly. Has appeared, that in his{its} last days he often about it spoke my relatives. The wish to me to write the book was new. This book. It is strange. Practically nobody knew, in what distances my ideas leave, sometimes. Practically with anybody I on these themes did not speak. And starting to write, I still doubted, that will be received to systematize those different ideas, fruits of my speculations. Not the writer I on a warehouse of character.
→ father Has died and has been buried in the most short days of year, on the decreasing moon, in a semilunum. All that week was overcast, but the Sun has quitted from for clouds at one o'clock, for the last path{route} of the father. As soon as we have leaved from a cemetery, the Sun has again concealed{hidden}.
→ Father was the believing person. From поколенья in generation in family the family icon of the Birth-Giver of God " Unintentional pleasure " was transmitted. And, already after his{its} mors, all of us learn{find out}, that this icon has sacred day. He has died on the eve it{him}.
→ For a coffin of the father we have got into conversation with relatives. Before that, these themes were not hoisted. Has appeared, that when the sister had operation under general narcosis, there were to her verbal and visual "phenomena", попророчествовшее its{her} life. Its{her} marital partner who in due course has transferred a series of operations, and former on the verge morses, too has told about "phenomena" - he "saw" itself(himself) and all operational of the upper angle. And "there" it{him} have asked, whether he wants "even above" or "below" - back in a body.
→ It was possible to hear judgement, that similar hallucinations are invoked{produced} with narcosis. Whether so it?
→ As that is strange, so has coincided, that commemoration nine days have coincided with forty-year anniversary of mine of the spouse, and magpies of days - with eastern new year.
→ From the second World war father has brought a figurine of eastern god. FOTO 1 FOTO 2 FOTO 3 As well as what for she has hitted to it{him} it is not known. And I attempted to learn{find out}, that she means. I any more hardly was surprised, having learned{having found out}, that she patronizes and bears mystical knowledge in a balance weight to ceremonial belief, and the gestures of arms{hand} embodied by eastern sculptor, "benefaction" and "debate" mean.
→ I have stated the majority of the facts which it was possible to collide{face}. Unessential has passed. I do not know, that all of them mean, as them to systematize, categorize, probe and use. Probably the key fact, or the facts, still no. Both whether generally it is possible and whether it is lawful to find here that or rational?
→ In science it is accepted to attempt to explain the new fact from items of the traditional, already reached knowledge. And than easier - that the outcome of argument more reliablly looks. It basically the valid approach. And it is possible to explain many mystical phenomena concurrences{coincidences}, contingencies, glitches of consciousness, etc.
→ But what to do{make}, if facts not one - two, and it is a lot of? And especially, if they go in system, - "packs" i.e. what or a mode{an image} interact, co-exist, взаимозацепляются?

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