Other phenomena of parapsychology

→ "other" I perceive the term, it is better to say I "shall mark out" in this book such phenomena, as лозоходство, a levitation, telekinesis, "people - magnets", a telepathy, U.F.O, damage, ясновидение, power vampirism, phantoms, well and different "барабошки".
→ I Shall start with U.F.O., what at once отмежевать this phenomenon from parapsychology. It is object for classical physics, he is not connected in any way to consciousness of people supervising it{him}, can be fixed приборно and though the science waves away from him{it}, or does{makes} such kind{view}, but put here in a volume, that the Academic science is not yet familiar with concepts of Mass attraction-temporary waves and effects of other measurements of the Universe. Whether can be U.F.O. A handwork of other Civilizations or inhabitants of the parallel worlds? Quite. But there is a chance, that U.F.O. Is a natural object, as, for example, a ball lighting, but "constructed" on other principles distinct from classical electromagnetism.
→ I personally could not see U.F.O., or better still, to touch the arms{hand} his{its} wreckages, to read official official reports with the description of the fixed parameters, properties, effects, structures, etc. The nutrition is necessary For the scientific analysis, and the volume of her{it} should exceed the "critical" mass required for start process of creation of the new theory. Otherwise, at addition{appendix} of the missing facts fabricated, removed{taken off} with a ceiling, with gaining that " one grandmother has said ", the theory, and a beautiful fairy tale for kiddies of the higher school age will be received not.
→ Unfortunately, in that information that has reached me, and it is popular articles " about anything " and the Internet sites with "смакованием" auditions and personal labours of their writers, on an acquisition, besides auditions, substantial - a reliable technical data practically is not contained.
→ Power vampirism - the phenomena reliable, founded on use of differential of iterated "internal energies" of miscellaneous people. A mode of functioning - as for reported vessels. The phenomena conducts to levelling specific energy in what or populations, that, basically, is the positive factor. For example, it is quite good to children to drop surplus of "restless" power, and it is good to their grandfathers and grandmothers to supplement defect of power. As it is supervised in life. And it is good all.
→ Damage - fortunately rather infrequent development of a telepathy. It happens directed and spontaneous, not realized, founded more often on miscellaneous kinds{views} of envy. Targeted I spoil the psychic possessing a telepathy, in a condition of large emotional personal hostility to "victim" can create, for example. Proceeding from a principle " angrily will return ", it is possible to consider{count}, that "victim" practically always itself is guilty in a volume, that a victim.
→ Absolute protection against damage no, she{it} can be neutralized only set-up of an organism " on health " as it is self-contained, and is not realized, suggestion, with the help of different amulets and the other rubbish, received{obtained} from "healers". In any event on protection the part of attention and power of an organism - loss on a face will be directed.
→ the Telepathy - eurysynusic effect of brain activity. Many people though time in life interfered with{ran into} with her. Personally I had, at least, tens "contact pieces" on distances{ranges} up to fifteen kilometres. Difficulty of scientific registration the phenomena will consist in a certain spontaneity of communication{connection}, mandatory sharing{participation} " personal emotional components ". The path{route} of scientific registration the phenomena, including the visual information by the way pictures and the further statistical generalization of outcomes, has not reduced, and will not put{cause} to the purpose. I have noted, that at the moment of a telepathy, instant - when " set-up of a brain " coincide, there is as though a signal recovery (informations) from hums, a resonance.
→ Almost all events of a telepathy which participant I was, descended in a situation - when I was searched with people, and I would wish, or to the contrary did not wish meeting concretely with this person at present, and I felt, "identified", who searches for me. And for my part the desire of meeting could be bright, and it could be simple " potential readiness ".
→ the Phantom. Here, probably, it is necessary to refer the phenomena of ghosts. I shall describe natural experiments. In 1991 year, in the peak of my interest to parapsychology, it was possible to me to rest in sanatorium. The spare time - is a lot of, powers - "too much". And the publication about Мессинге, about the phenomena of his{its} phantoms has got to me. Fast having understood as it is done{made}, I have delivered "experiment".
→ Completely обездвижив the body in a level attitude, I have presented - "have created" the phantom, "have pumped up" it{him} maximum as a smog, power, representing, that he shines and will consist of turbulent vortexes of power. Then I have tried to reset completely the consciousness, having kept only a control plot - a such condition of an absolute prostration. Well also has transferred the liberated consciousness to the phantom.
→ Here I shall add, that the temperature of my body was declined - a peculiar fever. At once I shall say, that I do not refer to those enthusiastic fans and шизоидам which accept the and introduced imaginations for a true pattern of the world.
→ I do not know, whether the phantom built by me since for full concentration of my will my eyes have been closed glowed. And I am not sure, that all this not a fruit of my imagination.
→ Having created the phantom, I have sent it{him}. Where? Well certainly to familiar women, meters for six hundred - seven hundred. The eye for the phantom, naturally, was not, but I have perceived the elongated form of a room where up to that I was not, an arrangement of a window, furniture. Where in that moment there were people, I too have perceived. But, the sanction, or quality of "picture" was very much the poor. It was possible to define{determine}, what is it a table, it is a bed, he/she is the person. But no more that. And accordingly, any detail drawing.
→ Later, in some days, I have hitted that room. The form, an arrangement of a window and furniture corresponded{conformed} to that has perceived wash the phantom.
→ After what that time, can in a month, I have created one more phantom, and have sent it{him} in a path{route} on many kilometres. I can say, that this experiment was absolutely unsatisfactory. Quality of "picture" was hardly secreted from hums. What that fuzzy fragments. More I did not experiment.
→ I Shall note, that building of "phantoms" sharply worsens energetics of an organism. I think, that, by the sanction of received{obtained} "visions", it is possible to assume, that in the basis{fundamentals} of "phantom" radiance over the range centimetric lengths of electromagnetic waves lays. Availability of an electromagnetic fundamentals indicates as that circumstance, that from increase of distance of sending of "phantom" - quality and quantity of the "useful" information has decreased.
→ But such version is possible{probable} also - "phantom" for me has failed, and "vision" has been based on telepathies, there is a probability, that I "saw" eyes of all present. And it falls into to developments of other phenomenon - ясновидения. Generally speaking, if ясновидение to not refer to telepathic effects I do not find a physical fundamentals in a nem. And it at a volume, that in those, old, years - I had an event of obtaining of the "information" farly overflowing the ordinary.
→ Meditating, I have wished "to feel" all measurements of the world in turn. Has felt. Likely, it is a fruit - as speak " ill imagination ". I advise it, and in phantoms to not be engaged - "roof{cover}" can not only "communicate", but also break.
→ Лозоходство. It was possible, likely, to you to read articles, to see photos and TV movies where main operational object was a metal frame or the willow fly heck "noding" in arms{hand} лозоходца. This phenomenon is described in annals of miscellaneous peoples. And now, no - no, and use him{it}.
→ the Mode of functioning лозоходства such: the near-surface atmospheric slice contains the charged ions, atoms and molecules of water, connections of metals and hydrocarbon (for example, petroleum). This "oof" hits in an atmosphere through pores of Earth breeds. It is known, that organisms (not only the person) react to such ions. Perception scanty, subconscious. If лозоходец intuitively it is set up{is adjusted} on search of heightened concentrations of such elements, and keeps in arms{hand} a vine (frame) located on range of stability - case-hardened идеомоторного a push it is enough of smallest that the vine "has shown" a place of such concentration.
→ the Method obviously ancient, not perfect, but can...
→ Was, as that, for me idea: to remove biological currents, to strengthen them, and to file on a comparison circuit - having created the modern biosensor. But it remained unfinished - the superbooster simply was not started. Also it was not possible to find the adviser to finish it{him}.
→ Not considered there were phenomena of a levitation and telekinesis. I not зря have aggregated them together. Apparently, if the levitation really exists{breathes}, a physical nature for them one - interaction of a matter at a level of pulses of existence, i.e. information process. But in that case should be also " transit through walls " - about what I even did not hear a phenomenon. If, certainly, to not take into account a fantasy, like Philadelphia experiment.
→ From physics it is known, that two waves can pass the friend through the friend not being extinguished and not distorting the form. But while it is the theory which is not tangent macro ph. Here, likely, it is possible to refer and the phenomenon of "people - magnets" described by me in chapter "Непознанное". And непознанное is to what the theory is not brought yet and, accordingly, boosters - transducers that широкомасштабно to use the phenomena in practice are not adapted yet.

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