Ekstrasenses practice

→ It would Be necessary to quote the term "practice" wherefore speech in this chapter will go not about methods of healing, and it is not so much about them, how much about the phenomena concomitant them.
→ And so, "healer" has undertaken "patient" - that further? And further it would be necessary to criticize people for reluctance to see and think. But all over again it is a little about the friend. Whether ? you Noted, what you endways таки "pushes away" from the ill person? Think, the matter is that you meaningly or subconsciously are afraid to pick up an infection?
→ And whether you heard about customs of some barbarous nations - to be going about the ill relative and all available ways to express to him the desire to see his{its} able-bodied? Think put in suggestion and a self-suggestion ill? Certainly, there is also such component, or the lobe in effect of recuperating sick is better to say. But, by and large, main{basic} "effective agent" acts absolutely other.
→ Each organ of the person (and animal also) has an own "alive" rhythm of activity - in a normal, able-bodied condition of an organism. For an ill organism one or several organs located in system - "сбоят", that expresses in change of rhythms of their activity.
→ Organs of a body radiate in an environment acoustical, light and electromagnetic oscillations. For last exists{breathes} also such mechanism: at ecumene of the Earth always there is an intensity of a natural electric field. The organism can not only radiate the electromagnetic oscillations, but also influence, variate about itself natural medium.
→ This that change also "pushes away" you from the ill person, and these changes " is massed suppress " barbarous nations, setting an able-bodied rhythm and to the changed natural fields, and through them, опосредованно, - to the ill relative.
→ we Shall return to a sheaf " the patient - the healer ". The success of treatment depends on two causes: first - whether much more "healer" здоровее, than "patient", and main - whether has he extremely resistant rhythms of an organism? The second - whether is for "healer" ability and skill STRENGTHENED to transmit to "patient" the rhythms?
→ Here I can note, that practical supervision{observations} show: age of "healer", it is desirable, should not exceed 35 - 40 flying, a difference in ages of "patient" and "healer" should not exceed 10 - 20 flying, differently rhythms of organisms can "not understand" one another.
→ Certainly, rhythms of "healer" can be improved temporarily, but efficacyy all the same will suffer. Practically, I think, age changes of rhythms express first of all in a volume, that nervous impulses lose the "pullet"{"young man"} form and become less on voltage, and more enduring.
→ Still supervision{observation} - the help "patient" is practically small, because of quite natural desire of "healer" to not worsen own rhythms (as psychics among themselves speak - " to not pick up the pathogenic information "). And "healer" puts "protection" - i.e. attempts only to transmit the rhythm, trying to not accept a rhythm of "patient", that naturally worsens a converse connection, i.e. approaches{approximates} effect of such "treatment" to zero.
→ Last - if "healer" has honesty cured one "patient" it is IMMINENT, temporarily or permanently, he will receive "knowledge" harmful the changed rhythm of "patient". If "healer" - the professional, i.e. is engaged in treatment not one person inevitably harmful the changed rhythm will hit to alternate "patient", and after him{it}, even more changed to following...
→ I Want to give some advices{councils} how to improve a state of affairs. More strengthened it is possible to transmit a rhythm "patient" if to use described in this book " a power pile ". For this purpose "pile" is dismembered, "patient" is put on "star wheel", and instead of "corona" - atmospheric contact piece is clinged to "healer". The arisen potential difference will more high-power inform up to "patient" a rhythm of "healer".
→ In many events it is possible to substitute "healer" - record (for example: on the tape recorder, a CD-ROM, the computer) normal rhythms of an organism and to transmit them, having strengthened, on the modulator. The skeleton diagram of the device I do not result in, from above said and so it is possible to draw a breeding on his{its} device. It is unique, I recommend to use not "whimsical" atmospheric electricity, and the electrostatic generator.
→ But, I think, many psychics would like to remain " unique the phenomena " - the nature of a human ego is those, " the aura of the exotic person " will become dull, and he will turn to the operator of the physiotherapeutic apparatus.
→ In summary this chapter I shall describe effect which involuntary participants are all of us. Effect of returnable chain reaction. To you have spoiled mood (as, have not important, probably set in on a callous, or the chief... " Not clever " the person, or...). If you have time, that, probably, you "развеетесь". But in our dense society, most soon to you someone will turn up earlier to whom you, anyhow, will transmit " a pulse of grievance ". And such there will be not one. Those, in turn, will suffer a pulse further. Also be уверены, he still will return to you. Most likely, repeatedly, i.e. reinforced. And so will keep again and again. To you a source of stresses and depressions of our time.
→ Can, the Christ speaking " was right substitute other cheek ". But for me as that is not received any more.

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