About that will be and that could be

→ the Mankind rather awakely develops last about four thousand flying. Up to that advance was minor, that, probably, is connected to small number of mankind at that time. Especially stormy advance goes recently, that as, probably, is connected to human resource{safe life}.
→ Mankind - the carrier of collective intelligence, the knowledge gathered in due course.
→ In any society there are people, thinking grades yesterday's, today's and the future. Last also execute process of progression of a society on ways of advance.
→ Generally that this path{route} is discrete and is passed by "pushes". And propulsors of advance as that kick inhibit{brake} it{him}. According to the theory of intelligence, they, in what that forward and in what that backward, I would say - regressive.
→ Interaction of the History and the Personality repeatedly took minds{wits} of philosophers of all world. But till now the legible answer no. The theory was put forward{was extended}, that the Personality comes at the moment of the History when in a society there is a capability and requirement that or to rework{alter}, change, improve. Смею in it to object.
→ we Shall consider, for the beginning, that could be, if the Personality, the carrier - the generator of ideas in time has appeared.
→ For example, ancient Egyptians or Romans possessed technologies of metallurgy, metal working. Requirement, for management of wars, in perfecting instruments of war as was. What him{it} if who or has advised to not decant from bronze pappuses. Such what used in the first half nineteenth eyelid. To not decant from lead of a nucleus known for them and a canister. To not mix a powder, which elements, - they knew a sulphur, coal and saltpeter. Or, for example, to not construct a steam engine, for phylum built in the seventeenth eyelid Ivan Polzunovym, and improved Uatt, and to not deliver her{it} on a combat ship. And in fact a paddle wheel have invented just in ancient Egypt, and Archimedes, before bloom of ancient Rome, has created the spiral becoming in a consequence the screw. And in the Egypt, two thousand flying back, the vapor prime mover has been built. Still a small short step of advance, all some ideas, and the History would not make a hook almost on two thousand flying.
→ Imagine, that the Earth Civilization of the first type using muscular force of people and animal, would be replaced two thousand, instead of two hundred a flying back with the Civilization of the second type using the machines. What already would be? Still I shall add, ancient Greeks already knew the phenomena of an electrization by friction. The term "electron" - has gone therefrom. Still a half-walk in development of ideas, also the electrostatic generator, such what used in the eighteenth, and in the nineteenth eyelids would be built. What? Or you think, that him{it} the technology did not allow to create air "bubble", for phylum of that has invented Russian Крякутной, and in half-eyelid brothers Mongofe have repeated. Flags for the ships{spacecrafts} sewed at that time. Generally, if to understand, the technologies, used two thousand flying back not much differed from technologies of the sixteenth - the seventeenth centuries, all several ideas, in development. And water elms, for phylum of a hand glider, ancient could build? And to deliver on him{it} a powder rocket, by the way the engine?
→ As and now, for certain there are existing technologies, but there are no ideas. And without ideas also there is no technique of the future, now no...
→ You, readers, think of it. Probably in your heads, in a subconscious mind, progressive ideas already ripen. Drag them on light. Probably, my ideas on parapsychology will help you in it. I hope, that tomorrow all of us shall have, nevertheless, that could be only in far the day after tomorrow.
→ Having thought, that could be, I offer to think and of a volume that will be. Phrase Marks " Life is known determines consciousness ". As it is precisely noticed. In our socialist stay, at a lesson of political economy in Polytechnic institute where I then studied, it was possible to me to correct just this phrase. I have supplemented her{it}: " the TECHNOLOGY determines life, and it in turn, determines consciousness ". Also has added, that, probably, the advanced technology conforming to a level of the Civilization of the third type (communist) will be built in capitalist country. The teacher had " a socialist level of consciousness ", and on me have started to prepare a paper in KGB. To me has carried, literally to those days to an authority has come Горбачёв, and my "creativity" was forgot.
→ And what the technology of the Civilization of the third type represents? Now I shall try to explain. Imagine, what or an item, from the best materials, carefully designed and made. The theoretical item blockly made at the best factory. If from this item to copy a template of an arrangement of all pulses of existence of a matter, and then to transfer her{it} on the same mass of substance (for example, sand, water or pressed dust) on an output we shall receive theoretical, up to a nuclear copy of an initial{a starting} item. It is possible and without actuation medium, endways from the Space, but it will demand huge energy consumptions. And it is possible and without an initial{a starting} item, it is possible to calculate for the computer of the location of all atoms, and their pulses of existence. In the aggregate a kind{view}, this technology already for a long time is mentioned in a fantasy. Here a revertive event: the idea is, and the technology of its{her} realization no.
→ And power it is possible to receive "having dismissed" pulses of existence, i.e. having deleted the Matter. Or "having sent" her{it} in the future - to receive a part of its{her} power. But before implementation of described technology, I think, still decades, if not centuries.
→ Now the parapsychology is "околонаукой". It is connected with its{her} traditional неаппаратностью and, therefore, to the poor repeatability of outcomes, with absence of competent theories, difficulty of fixing of the exotic phenomena. Classical sciences, are exacter their figures, too have not blossomed yet up to perception on equal. It is connected to rise of their intellection on a new stair step of knowledge. And much and at their level well, and rise demands spiritual powers which for whom that can and to not be.
→ On present reputation of parapsychology has had an effect also that "foam" which routinely arises around of building that that new, exotic, nonconventional. Will pass time, and rotary heads of frameworks will be forgotten, serious, thoughtful explorers will blossom, on a new level theories and hardware and then that the parapsychology, in commonwealth with fundamental sciences, can reply, eyelids excruciating Mankind will mount. The same touches also a utility shed of medicine, a physiotherapy. Will pass time, and a circle of new probes, and pills will be on display in museums, in section " than unreasonable ancestors " were treated.

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