→ Well, also the book is concluded washing. First, also it is thought last. Desire (is more correct-) spirit of the father I have executed the post-mortem order.
→ I have tried to state a material laconically. You, probably, at reading many chapters had an impression of some innuendo, not разжёванности{Is chewed} that. I aspired{tried} to this wherefore this book should give spaciousness for your thoughts without delay, than limit described themes "учебниковыми{The tutorials}" to trues.
→ I Think, that you have enriched the knowledge in lighted the book problems. From this book you could understand course of my reasonings on probed themes. I as have tried to inform up to you practical advices{councils} and recommendations, and as theoretical calculations on interesting branches of knowledge. Not the information which I possess, has been stated in this book. The part very much the composite, or the dangerous information has remained not lighted, and as that part which waits for the time for practical implementation personally me. Has not come in this book as the information of medical character which in due course has been placed by me at the Internet: about Acoustic Reverberatory autoMassage (automated workplace), and the scheme with the description of the anticancerogenic device.
→ you can self-contained find them to addresses:



Do not overlook, that on the ideas stated in this book, the legislation on the copyright is distributed.

If you have capability to help the writer of this book with the finance, please communicate with me to the address akvvv@mail.ru
Your help will help me fast to reach major practical outcomes, that you will help also to other people.
I regret, that I should appeal for{ask} the help, but difficultly now to live in Russia on $130 a month, and it is necessary not only to survive, but also to make that that useful.

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