The foreword

→ Any book, everyone printed{published;stamped} transactionses is written, when to the writer is what to say to people, and it would be desirable to make it.
→ This book has appeared, i.e. has been written completely randomly. Reflecting above problems and the phenomena of parapsychology and medicine, and after physics of the Universe, I did not put before myself the purpose to inform the knowledge up to a broad auditory, generally as or to distribute them. It was interesting to me to understand essence of problems " for itself " - as a personal hobby. And it is necessary to say nutrition for speculations around of me sufficed with a reserve, only be not lazy - process, переосмысляй. And "Ferrum" for experiments were in time, as though itself. After a while I even have acquired reliance{confidence}, that - " everything, that to be necessary for me for activity, to me will be given in good time, as though of itself ".
→ I Want to note, as my education allows to have a broad outlook, and on practical need - that or to invent, as except for basic polytechnic, I as, professionally, am trained to all techniques of inventor's activity. There is both other education and other diplomas, but it not to range affected this book.
→ Go to say, that on a warehouse of character I am " the technician - практиком " and theoretical problems I study only in a kind{view} of pressing needs and in an aspect angle of consequent operational uses. Further I want to mark, that generally that in any science exists{breathes} two flows: the philosophical concept and a calculus. I prefer first, but from the practical point of view.
→ I Can say also, that historically washing rightness repeatedly was already confirmed is falls into to that in due course I found from what interest of the solution or problems and problems, for example, the brand new phylum of a gas-turbine engine, a new class of mechanic variators, forecast new computer technologies, etc., and in months or years who or переизобретал and created it.
→ Returning to the beginning of a narration, I want to say, that this book is obliged the occurrence{appearance} to post-mortem desire of my father. Post-mortem - can consider for the beginning it mysticism, but at his{its} life though there was for me a material which has lain in the base of this book, but neither unified idea, nor mine, neither it{him}, nor unified " sparks God's ", induced I to spelling this book - was not.
→ I Shall say some words about it is washed the father. He was the good person. Penetrating the believer, but not the religious zealot. His{its} merits in business of strengthening of belief were repeatedly marked by Patriarches Moscow and All Russia. The veteran of transactionses studying about a magpie a flying. Having been born in 1919 year, in due course he has been called up for military service by the private soldier and has hitted on the Халхин-goal, has passed all second World war having received only one light wound - the german bullet has hitted to him in a cheek, has beaten out a tooth and has stayed in tongue. Hit that bullet on ten centimeters above, and I would not write this book. By the way, other bullet, the same queue, has struck a number{series} of the soldier, having interrupted him a carotid artery on a neck. And has reached wash father in the summer 1945 years up to Arthur's Port where our armies have crushed Kwantunsky army of Japaneses, in a rank of the higher lieutenant. As he told, to him has had the luck - for all war he has not killed any person, and itself and all thorough-bred making related - everyone came from war alive. And it at 27 million perished compatriots when practically in each family there was loss. He saw in it the disposition of Providence.
→ And he has died, has quietly fallen asleep, not having said to us at parting words. To me it is thought, that as the true cossack, he was going still to be overcome for life, still{even} to live, but probably forces have not sufficed. Or the disposition of Providence wherefore not all so is simple was again exhibited... I shall explain: being somewhat it is vested ekstrasenses abilities, I have felt, that, laying in a coffin, in a cadaveric spasm, wash father has " alive power " and as though that wants that to say, transmit to us at parting. It only the beginning if want "Mysticism". Some time later, already after funeral, morning, I have suddenly understood, it is better to say have realized (or have perceived - have experienced), that father wants (wanted) us to say. And me - personal: write the book. About a volume that saw, you know and you know how. And it was necessary started to spelling of this book.
→ And mysticism? No, the mysticism on it was not terminated, she only started. But about it I shall write below - in the conforming chapter.
→ At spelling this book I shall not press in problems of belief and religions. At first because this private affair of each person. In the second - if to compare different religious ученья in eyes something is launched general - integrating them, together with general imperfection of theories of religion and intellection of people which have built these doctrines. In the third, I am " the atheist baptized in infancy ". In the aggregate: to the seminary student - doctrinal, and to the technician - технарское.
→ In this book many problems and problems interesting people will be affected. To me is what to say. I think, that, прочтя you will find this book here a lot of new and exotic for you.

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