→ About autogenic training heard practically all. It is system of methods psychologic itself influences, itself inclinings - intellectual{intelligent} and an act of volition.
→ Routinely auto-training bases on a verbal self-suggestion. Sometimes, auxiliary, physical exercises or reduction of a body a fixed posture are applied.
→ It is classics - founded I.P.Pavlova, I.M.Sechenova and I.Shulttsa on doctrines. About these techniques it is possible to read in quantities literatures or to be trained on the conforming courses.
→ I have mentioned, that CLASSICAL auto-training bases on VERBAL a self-suggestion, - the second signal system, on I.P.Pavlovu. The matter is that below I shall describe the technique - "dumb", basing on the first signal system - more fundamental, potent, VISUAL.
→ I Shall begin that about similar methods of auto-training I anywhere did not see any information. I have come across this very effective method completely randomly, have hereinafter expanded a field of application and have improved it{him}.
→ Business was for a long time. In the winter. Froze ears, I thawed out their arms{hand}. Froze arms{hand}, I heated them in pouchs. At this time ears again solidified. Know likely this process: vessels are narrowed down, blood as though becomes more viscous, flows on vessels, even more losing temperature more slowly. In blood, intercellular cracks and cells crystal growth of ice starts. If to miss the moment it will be terminated poorly.
→ in such, a moment of rupture, I have suddenly imagined reduced, BECOMING WHITE vessels, viscous, inactive blood in them. And not where that, and in tips of own ears. Further I have presented, that vessels extend, similarly to red tubules, the blood-groove in them strengthens, accelerated.
→ In short time I have felt a lung, as though "slipping" pricking in ears - that chips of ice have moved from a place. Soon I have felt the ears as though оттопыренными, inflated and raying warmly. More I did not heat ears arms{hand} and when has reached a room they really were red and warm.
→ So the "visual" method of auto-training which I use already many{a lot of;much} flying has been open{discovered}.
→ the Further development of a method was application of it{him}, on requirement, to vessels of a brain - at a head pain, to vessels of heart, to places of inflammations. Later I have applied this method to nervous system.
→ As is known, on nerve fibres there are sensitive - pain pulses in a brain, and control pulses - to organs of a body. If to know a structure of vascular and nervous systems of the person, principles of their operation it is possible to present mentally the necessary plot on the body.
→ About a vasodilatation I already wrote, with nervous system is more complex{multiple} - the matter is that there is a concept of thresholds of nervous irritability, above and under threshold influences, exaltation and decay of a signal (pulse), phylums of a structure of "isolation" of a nerve, etc. You черезмерно I shall not fatigue, I shall describe main.
→ I introduce{uptake} concept " power of colour " - as the main{basic} operational means. And so, it is necessary to present, well "to see", the necessary plot of nervous system on the body. Further, having centred, it is necessary "to colour" the necessary nerve in one of mentioned below colours, and to retain "picture" in the consciousness of minutes ten - fifteen (better longer).
→ training on long-lived "deduction" Is required, but the effect costs{stands} to expend on this time. Such method it is possible not only to remove a pain, but also to force a staggered organ to operate normally. It is possible to help an organism to cope with inflammations, "having painted over" their locus. It that I, personally already for a long time have run in. I consider{count}, that a similar technique it is possible to manage{consult} and oncologic diseases if to present before myself such purpose, and it is regular, regularly to achieve her{it}. All depends only on your desire, will and time, available to you.
→ I apply following colours: - It is DAZZLING SILVERY (with blueing), on the locuses of local infections, it{him} as it is possible to use for "burning" of a cholesterine from vessels. At an oncology as I advise to apply this colour. - GOLDEN YELLOW, for abirritation of pains, reduction of an organ the norm{standard}. - FLAMINGLY RED, warmup, a vasodilatation, a resorption of abscesses at a final stage.
→ It is necessary to say, that, these colours, - not simply "picture", you mass POWER of attention (in parapsychology speak "biofield") on ill epines of a body and receive not only effect of auto-training, but also quite fixed physiotherapeutic procedure. I want to note, that it is more difficult for me to create, and long to retain " it is dazzling silvery ", and "flamingly red" any problems does not invoke{produce}, that can be acknowledgement{confirmation} of concentration, energy consumptions on influence. As, it is much easier to influence a small plot of a body, than, say, on all vascular system. Having covered eyes to achieve effect of colours it is easier, than with the open eyes.
→ For example, to you "has blown out" a neck, a shoulder{an arm} or to a spin, take advantage above of a reduced technique, apply "painting over" of a "shooting" nerve in " GOLDEN YELLOW " colour. One, two "procedures" will be quite enough - you at once feel facilitation.
→ the following effect Can be supervised: in the beginning of "procedure", as soon as you have found and have identified the necessary nerve on your body, i.e. have massed attention, but have not initiated yet with "treatment", probably temporary intensifying of a pain stipulated by that fact of attention, that you have secured{discharged} the pain locus from the moments earlier abstracting attention, have exhibited it{him} on the foreground. It can testify to two facts: first - disease process for you "bright", it is far for gone, the second - you have precisely defined{determined} a sore point, and further, correctly, can heal it{him}.
→ In completion of a theme I shall give two more examples of use of a "visual" technique of auto-training.
→ First: for general environmental sanitation of an organism - present, that your body the CRYSTAL, and try "to urge on" on it{him} "waves" power. The second: present the schedule{chart} of ageing and decline of vital activity of an organism.

→ Try "to unbend" mentally a curve " to mors " lines of ageing, and to finish her{it} with a horizontal, and it is even better to an ascending path - in "immortality". Retain this "picture" as it is possible longer. Also do{make} it as it is possible more often.
→ Exists{Breathes} and Against the moment. When the person is sick, he{it} has less than available energy, the desire to concentration of will and attention is more weak. It sinks efficacyy of described techniques in the most "critical" moments. In the aggregate, all depends on your will and a reserve of "vital energy". It is better to see to it beforehand, than to be broken in disease.
→ Certainly, wash a method not a panacea, and the main{basic} attention should be given to hardware of extirpation with diseases, physiotherapies. But there is also a plus: these techniques ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE for you with itself.
→ Below I result in a general arrangement of a blood circulation, a structure of vascular system of the person. Further, on course of the book, I result in as also the scheme of nervous system of the person.

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