Linear massage

→ With classical massage, professional, or homebred, you are familiar. Many heard and about eastern - acupressure, influence on points of an acupuncture.
→ Classical massage demands the appendix of major physical gains, and acts " on the areas ", causing an acceleration a metabolism in an organism.
→ Eastern - acupressure, founded on the phenomena of a reflexotherapy, demands skill precisely to find points of an acupuncture and to know, what points are connected to what organ.
→ Both methods have the pluses and minuses. Reflecting above it, I have come to idea of the linear massage, carried out by two pins of arms{hand}, and free from defects the above described techniques.

Rule{Situation;Position} of pins of arms{hand}.
The upper "imposed" claw
Enhances{Strengthens} pressure lower on a leather.

→ Influence implements by management of a point of pressing on the lines bridging points of an acupuncture. The majority of such points place above a projection of organs of a body to a leather, above course of nerves of an organism. Points of an acupuncture routinely place in peculiar "holes" on a body surface, and can be easily determined, thus, unpluming.
→ Conducting application points of gains " from hole to hole " under the fixed scheme, you influence not a fixed organ, and on interdependent system of organs, chasing the medical purpose incorporated in the scheme.
→ is Lower, for example, I result in the scheme of influence for increase of a general tonus of the organism, exhibited at nervous breakdowns, stresses, depressions and depressions.

By colour of lines it is noted
Priority of influence:
1 - green
2 - black
3 - red
4 blue

→ For the information I result in the atlas of points of an acupuncture, and as the scheme of nervous system of the person.
→ In addition{appendix} I result in one more capability to improve the state of health, directly irrelevant with linear massage. You can paste a sticking plaster on a belly, in seven centimeters is lower than a navel, a metal plate, to men - a square from gland with the party in three - five centimeters, to women - a circle from copper, a dia three - five centimeters. The modern as a last resort will approach 5 iron copecks, and 3 or 5 brass copecks of the USSR.

→ In eastern medicine this method calls CUBO.

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