Power pile

→ This device basically ministers for normalization, restoration of a tonus of an organism, but can be used and for more broad circle of medical problems. The mode of functioning is based on use of natural atmospheric electricity. It is known, that in a ground atmospheric slice there is an electrical gradient of pressure{voltage;stresses}, in the norm{standard} equal hundred - hundred thirty volt per meter altitudes.
→ the joint current of escape is peer all atmosphere one and a half - two thousand amperes. On each person, the area taken by him{it}, it is necessary about ten in a minus of the fourteenth degree of amperes.
→ This current has modulation, in the norm{standard} 7 - 13 hz. And the same frequency the alpha has a rhythm of a cerebral cortex, with the same frequency oscillate реснички bronchuses, the same frequency oscillations of mitochondrions - " power stations " have cells.
→ In connection with these not accidental coincidences, I had idea of use of atmospheric electricity. It is necessary to say, that the atmospheric current has though also nonzero, but nevertheless scanty value, therefore to speak more correctly, that I used not an atmospheric current, and his{its} information to a component.
→ And so, above a head of the patient there is "corona" - convolute in a ring, a strip of silvered refined copper serrated from below. The corona is connected with exhibited on street, as a same strip of copper serrated, from above, linear, not convolute in a ring. This antenna is located at the altitude 10 - 15 meters above ground. Under legs of the patient, under a cord rug, earthed "star wheel" from the same copper is located. Between "corona" and "star wheel" the pile will be derivated is natural - modulated an electric field having major electric potential, but scanty current density.
→ the Collateral effect - will be derivated some of useful aeroions for health, i.e. effect, similar « Chizhevsky chandelier », but is more weak, and distinguished that, that the natural modulation promoting a release phenomenon, abirritation of an organism whereas in « Chizhevsky chandelier », routinely, industrial modulation 50 or 100 hz is used is used, able to call exaltation of nervous system.

→ Silver plating of copper was conducted in a spent photographic fixative, with add-on of a drop of alkali, by a smearing over a school elastic band (erasing rubber). After obtaining a layer of dim silver, the strip needs to be flushed well and fast to dry. Otherwise the galvanic process отшелушит a layer of silver.
→ do not forget about safety from lightnings.
→ I Can reduce version of " a power pile ", for manufacturing in some minutes. The acceptable copper wire from isolation, a dia from one millimeter undertakes. "Corona" and atmospheric contact piece are dished under such form:

Peaks should have the dimension not less than two centimeters. The above, the better - the relative specific acuteness will increase. "Star wheel" can be substituted a spiral, the earthed for a water pipe. Heating pipes and furthermore gas to not apply.
→ This version has the inferior power performances, than described in the beginning of the chapter, and smaller time, because of oxidation of copper and a smaller, poor acuteness of barbs will work.
→ " the Power pile " has been built by me at the end of 1991 years, and used for small medical practice. For example, has shown sufficient efficacyy at treatment of a bronchial asthma and nervously - allergic diseases.
→ Apparent pluses of the device were his{its} absolute environmental acceptance, harmlessness and singleness of the device.
→ To minuses it is possible to refer influence of weather on functionability of the device, and as the come to light seasonal and hour repetitions. So peaks of efficacyy corresponded{conformed} to ten - to eleven hours and thirteen thirty - to fourteen thirty, in the rest of the time there were droops, and in not daylight the device gave null utility.
→ Because of the indicated limitation the device has been disassembled, and his{its} parts will be utilised for building more perfect and efficient device

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