→ the Person, his{its} health, a condition of an internal environment of an organism are subject to some cyclical regularities. About it knew ancient eastern врачеватели, to similar knowledge, as a result of medical probes, there has come the modern science.

→ there Are diurnal, month and annual rhythms. The greatest interest is represented with monthly and diurnal repetitions. First, from them, emotional, intellectual{intelligent} and physical rhythms, for a long time are described, there are techniques of their calculation, switching on and small computer programs. And I result in the revealed daily regularities to you below, for do-it-yourself comparison and understanding.

Level of operation of organs of an organism on eastern medicine

The regularities fixed by the modern medicine

1-3 hours: a liver - a maximum, a small intestine - the minimum

3-5 hours: lungs - a maximum, a urinary bladder - the minimum

5-7 hours: a large intestine - a maximum, kidneys - the minimum

7-9 hours: a stomach - a maximum, a pericardium - the minimum

9-11 hours: a spleen and a pancreatic gland - a maximum, three parts of a trunk - the minimum

11-13 hours: heart - a maximum, a gall bladder - the minimum

13-15 hours: a small intestine - a maximum, a liver - the minimum

15-17 hours: a urinary bladder - a maximum, lungs - the minimum

17-19 hours: kidneys - a maximum, a large intestine - the minimum

19-21 hours: a pericardium - a maximum, a stomach - the minimum

21-23 hours: three parts of a trunk - a maximum, a spleen and a pancreatic gland - the minimum

23-1 hours: a gall bladder - a maximum, heart - the minimum

1 hour: dream not steep, an organism is very sensitive to a pain

2 hours: the majority of organs retard the activity, a liver strengthened collapses toxicants

3 hours: the pulse rate and respirations decreases

4 hours: pressure of blood on extreme low level, sensitivity of ear is increased

5 hours: kidneys terminate secretion wet, dream on the verge steep and surface if the person wakes up, he feels vigorous

6 hours: pressure of blood is hoisted, heart beat becomes frequent

7 hours: intensifying of immunity

8 hours: the liver has completely neutralized toxicants

9 hours: nervously - mental condition is on a quilt, pain sensitivity is depressed, a maximum quantity of Saccharum in blood

10-12 hours: peak of physical condition of an organism

13 hours: the liver rests, the part of a glycogen acts{goes} in blood, mild weariness

14 hours: minimum, during day, activity of an organism

15 hours: a hypersensibility of an organism, especially taste and sense of smell, gradual restoration of functionability

16 hours: stable, small increase of Saccharum in blood

17 hours: efficient functionability, fatigue life is increased twofoldly

18 hours: pain sensitivity is depressed, slowdown of activity of nervous system

19 hours: pressure of blood is hoisted, nervously - mental activity is unstable, there is an irritability

20 hours: weight of a body maximum, organism responses become aggravated{intensify}

21 hour: normalization of activity of nervous system, increase of ability to reminder

22 hours: in blood the figure of leucocytes increases, the body temperature is depressed

23 - 24часа: cells recover{restore} the functions

→ the Note: Maximum levels of operation of organs, in eastern medicine, correspond{meet} also to maximum loads on the conforming systems. In what inquest or violations{disturbance} in-process these organs and systems, their diseases, crisis levels of health, intensifying of painful conditions are at this time possible{probable}.

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