About a means of treatment

→ We live in the traditional world. Above many things we do not reflect, and we make "by tradition" - a mole, ancestors so did{made}, and we so shall be.
→ Traditional character is present and at treatment of diseases. It is traditionally considered, that recuperating needs, that that or whom that to eat, well or to drink. Травку, ягодки, mixture or tablets - in the aggregate to accept a curative pill. And a little who reflects, that effective agents of any pill are "trailing-edge pieces" of molecules or the charged ions, and they, these ions "paste" or neutralize other ions present in an organism - of what process of treatment consists.
→ Actually it, certainly, very much abbreviated view which is not absolutely conforming to true. For example, treatment of bacterial infections by "pills" - extracts from it is fungous, gives good outcome.
→ And viruses? Against viral infections practically medicines no. For example, the dace rhinitis is invoked{produced} more than one hundred different viruses. Also those who jokes are right, what not леченый the rhinitis passes for seven days, and лечённый - for one week.
→ As a whole " the virus medicine " goes on ways of elimination of symptoms of disease, considering, that time no symptoms of disease the person is pleased, and with viruses let the organism struggles, if can. For now the organism struggles, the person is a virus vector distributing an infection is farther. And again contaminated people again follow medicines, that for commercial pharmacological medicine is daily bread - subsistences.
→ you only pay attention to advertising: " our medicine will eliminate all symptoms ", come to us still. And what only medicines no, the spiral "treated" is cranked. Whether ? an antiviral means Have been retrieved in a world history? Yes, for example, vaccines, but they are effective only against слабомутирующих viruses, and furthermore to be vaccinated it is necessary previously, not knowing, there will be to you on ways such virus, or all will do without.
→ each concerns To minuses of vaccination as effect of accumulation in blood of antigenic proteins, against the disease. These proteins in due course disintegrate, to be vaccinated it is necessary again. If антигеновых in blood it is a lot of proteins - blood "thickens" i.e. specific flowability drops, if it is not enough - immunity is slackened.
→ It is possible to not be vaccinated, certainly, beforehand, and in an event of disease to apply an interferon, but the mechanism here again the same, антигеновый.
→ Other way is экстрасенсорное, parapsychological influence, Organs of a falling ill organism variate a rhythm of the activity, and theoretically, it is possible to reduce them in the norm{standard}. But it only theoretically since to cope with such volume of "information" activity it will be possible to nobody.
→ It is possible to apply, certainly, yet not built in a nature " the booster of touchsensitive influence ", but me why that seems, what is it a path{route} not perspective, dead-end.
→ there Is the third: to kill all viruses in an organism, without harm for the organism. A fantasy! But if to recollect, that outside of an organism viruses are very nonresistant, astable, and that their charged membranes are collapseed with very small power influence - for example: heating or irradiation by ultraviolet becomes understandable, that the future of antiviral medicine behind a physiotherapy.
→ Unfortunately, the official medicine, hoping on pills, allocates{removes} physiotherapies secondary, if not insignificant - an auxiliary role. Зря! In fact successful experience of treatment of AIDS by a hyperthermia was, and it is one of kinds{views} of a physiotherapy. Yes, for one patient viruses in an organism have vanished, to the second has not helped, and the third has died. But it, that " the true where only proves that number{series} ", that it is necessary to search and try.
→ I Shall tell other, personal experience of application of physiotherapeutic devices.
→ the Virus of herpes, is officially considered incurable, by him{it} is infested more than ninety five percents of Mankind. It is possible to remove only symptoms of an exacerbation, "to extinguish" for a while, routinely per annum, with application of different pills, or for example flint "Завиракс". This virus was and for me. Was.
→ Business was in the last years of past eyelid. Imagine the steep, wet "canyon" posing on a lip. These are the phenomena it happened for me regularly enough. Well and, as that, осерженность this "dressing" has surpassed a threshold of my laziness, and I have undertaken the radiator of "ARM". Has shocked half an hour in the evening, morning at-sight a wet canyon was a dry, dense crust. Has shocked half an hour with morning, in three days the crust has fallen off. All. But I would say iniquity if has said " generally all ". Year through two - three I have felt a peculiar omen: it was thought " here that that will be ". What that почёсывание in a lip, on a "standard" place of originating of herpes. To wait, that will be, I have not become. Half an hour in the evening and half an hour in the morning I drove away an automated workplace. The herpes and have not got out.
→ It was in past eyelid. I think, " generally all already is possible to say ". The automated workplace is Acoustic Reverberatory автоМассажёр. Generally that I invented it{him} for other applications but so a grass - snake it was unintentionally received, that the herpes have hitted under an automated workplace.
→ I did not advertise an automated workplace, he has not gone to a series, though I in due course showed his{its} physicians, to chiefs of the enterprises exhausting iatrotechnics, even the site on the Internet, year has made four back. There is no demand, and good, for me that is an alive, properly functioning automated workplace - for personal applications.
→ And it can and it is good, a grass - snake a bit too he noisy, what will be, if everyone will "buzz"?
→ About "АРМ" and herpes I have mentioned what to prove an effectiveness of a physiotherapy, her{it} NOT auxiliary capabilities. And the automated workplace has rather restricted orb of applications, and the future of means of treatment will not be, if him{it} to not give sufficient prime attention.
→ I Am surprised to people nowadays vested an authority, or other capabilities. Momentary desire " to warm a pouch " darkens for them perspective intellection and if now they and their relatives are able-bodied the future is known to nobody.
→ I at the end of past millenary Have offered the concept of the "apparatus" blasting viruses inside a body. Swing was on AIDS and other "potent" viruses. An agiotage was not, generally any interest was not. Absence of reflexes was and on an anticancerous circuitry of the instrument. The simple scheme, quite available for do-it-yourself manufacturing. I on the Internet have laid out her{it}.
→ yet the point of view Probably has not prevailed over medical circles, that ours the body - carrier (reason, it is natural), represents enough the composite Electrically-pneumatically-hydraulically-mechanic the system constructed from biopolymers.
→ The Mechanism. The machine. And properties of biopolymers to study it is necessary.
→ Will pass years, there can be decades, quivering - blunt attitude{relation} to a body развеется as the anachronism who нибудь anew will invent the devices offered me, and will do much good them for residues of Mankind.

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