Medical - parapsychological effects

→ There Are effects which cannot be referred only to medicine, or only to parapsychology. But if to add a few physical (scientific) views much clears up, and there is even a capability of forecasting - that else, on favour to Mankind, it is possible to make in these ranges of knowledge.
→ I Shall start with simple - with links. Many women, and some men, not only Papuans, have shackles. There was a judgement, that the more trinkets is dressed on per capita, the he ценнее. But we shall return to shackles. The interesting problem here has hidden. Traditionally shackles have in fibrillas of ears, the more hardly shackles, the fibrillas are more strongly delayed{fleeted}.
→ If to see at the form of a cochlea, and to compare her{it} to a rule{situation;position} of the baby in a uterus of woman strikes surprising concurrence{coincidence}. To a head of the baby there correspond{meet} fibrillas of ears.
→ In eastern medicine it is accepted to attach a code to the conforming points of an acupuncture on a body of the person, peckled, located on a cochlea.
→ the Modern medical probes confirm: the conforming points of a body and an ear are bridged to the same range of a brain.
→ Now we shall recollect, that for all statues of the Buddha very major, endways таки not natural, elongated fibrillas of ears. Probably, it should symbolize major force of reason or wisdom of their carrier.
→ This my supposition but what ancient creators of the very first sculpture of the Buddha meant?
→ Kind{View} - I shall change a problem: carriers of links - subconsciously want to be cleverer, or such effect is supervised actually? Testas and statistics can give the answer only. Still a problem, in light above mentioned: whether well to pink fibrillas of ears, or it is better to wear clip-on earrings, and can be keep ears intact?
→ And I shall complete a theme of links - the supposition: if to build in clip-on earrings the generator of rhythms of a brain it is probable, it will be possible to relay modes of his{its} activity meaningly: leisure time activities, creativity, etc.
→ About a photo. All civilized people should be photographed. To whom this process does the favour, and who is reconciled from nymas, in a measure of necessary requirement. And all of us studied essence of photographic action at school.
→ Ostensibly light drops on object of filming, is reflected... But it is not reflected, and it is reradiated, and in it the major sense is incorporated. Wherefore he is reradiated by electronic shells of atoms of your body and bears the information on a surface structure of your organism (well and clothes{clothings}, certainly, if she is present). But also here not all so is simple, wherefore light is reradiated and from points of an acupuncture - and in it bears a state information of your organs and their systems.
→ Further, light passes also a layer of your biofield, and is slightly distorted, being a little polarized under his{its} influence. Then light, by the way waves passes a lens of the camera, reaches a photoemulsion and at the moment of fixing becomes a particle - a photon, embodying a point of your appearance.
→ Have caught, to what it I? The matter is that the above named features of a photo, theoretically, make possible return of your organism to the appearance embodied on a snapshot. It is possible to attempt to make EXTRASENS methods, but better and more safely it will make the specialized apparatus. We shall call this design loudly and arrogantly - " the generator of immortality ".
→ About all a known, inconspicuous NAVEL. " About, how much to us of discoverings strange, plots Enlightenments spirit ". And so - a navel, a navel string, in a prenatal condition the employee for a feed of an organism (and not only), and disappearing after a birth.
→ And now we shall recollect and it is comparable information a little bit distant{remote}, at first sight. For our old ancestors was two brains: one - head, other placed a little bit below. With the course of time, it is better to say evolution, there was a conversion and specialization of functions - the brain has become more to think, having reached{achieved} the greatest perfection{efficiency} for the person, and the second - a take the brain, has even more kept away, being differentiated, was distributed to all gastrointestinal tract. By the way nerve ganglions and textures.
→ Both brains till now work in a sheaf, It is relative{mutual} influencing and orienting one another. Were interested, in more detail, with proofs and examples, can read about it in the specialized literature. I a little about the friend.
→ On convictions of eastern medicine, the power centre of an organism is little bit below a navel and if to consider the atlas of points of an acupuncture, at once noticeably a sequenced clump of these points in range of a belly, with a form point in a navel.
→ Under data of official medicine, in a body there are nerve centers of a solar plexus, top and bottom mesenteric clusters and Fallow sympathetic clusters of a hypogastric texture. Again the strange, inducing on speculations, concurrences{coincidences}.
→ Instead of whether it seems to you, what the hollow of a navel passing a muscular layer, and being in infancy not only a nourishing tube, but also nervously - power communication{connection} of mother with the baby, and in mature years can play extremely useful role? For example, it is possible to influence a navel encoded light or a note, and it is possible and it is primitive - executing the pin acupressure.
→ the Purpose of these influences is, by and large, the energetics of an organism, a metabolism. It is possible even, for these purposes, to make worn on a belt small The device.
→ About new mechanisms of change and addition{appendix} of the hereditary genetic information. From school all have got used to hear, that the genetic information is incorporated only in DNK, as a last resort, in RNK - for small-sized forms of life. And the science has come across, to say, that about 1961 years more correctly, occasionally, but regularly, the inexplicable facts staking science in dock become to occur and collect{come up and collect}. I speak about real - undular and information mechanisms of memory{remembrance} in genetic, etc. control structures of an organism, founded on квази - to a holographic nature.
→ All over again the problem was raised by zoologists, having found, that the unknown mode{image} to offspring what or (Individual of a female sex animal) transmits genetic attributes самца {Individual of a male sex - animal}, former long before that its{her} partner. I.e. the offspring other самца{Individual of a male sex - animal}, except for his{its} genes bore also the information about previous самце{Individual of a male sex - animal}. These are the phenomena has received the title " the factor of the Telegony ".
→ Since similar hereditary mechanisms act in all nature it is possible to speak and about a volume, that the organism of woman "remembers" genes of all of its{her} partners. According to its{her} children are carriers of "complex"{"integrated"} genetic attributes. And it is not surprising, that all over the world, first of all "civilized", in the last years speak about a phenomenon of a birth " children of an indigo ".
→ This term imply, ostensibly, a new branch of development of the Homo of the Sapiens. Kiddies are received in what that more cleverly and in what that, to put it mildly, is more original "traditional".
→ If to ponder upon sense of it the phenomena it is in the long term unclosed essentially new capabilities of improvement of a human genotype. I have in a kind{view} not massive sex with "clever" people, simply there will be no men's potency, and a capability a parapsychological means to influence a women organism, with the purpose of backfill of a selection genotype to the future child, and as "Power-information" tracking of development of the child in the first years of life.
→ Below I result in designed me, in due course, the technique of influence designed for application by married couples. Agree what to entrust such important problem as health and future of your child - to "professional" - is not justified and it is not expedient.
→ I shall tell to you as, at all not having extrasensors skills and abilities, to reach{achieve} a positive effect. At an exposition of techniques I shall use widely used and religious terms, and as the information keeping in miscellaneous chapters of this book.
→ To start it is necessary what beforehand to agree in family a preferable floor of the child. Take into account, that dissents hereinafter can reduce to " розово - light-blue " to effects.
→ And so, the preferable floor of the child is elected. Now it is necessary to know, that the organism of the man is contained with more gland, and women - there is more than copper. Accordingly select food, affluent the necessary element.
→ Preparation starts for three and a half of a month, up to a conception.
→ Medical recommendations for both marital partners: respect a mode of dream, sleep a head north-up, treat chronic diseases, exclude alcohol, tablets, limit consumption of tobacco.
→ On a feed: use diverse milk food, juices, fruits, vegetables, eggs, a fish (especially marine). Exclude meat. Up to, and during pregnancy it is better to not use coffee, cocoa, chocolate. It is good to use tea, especially green.
→ Clothes{Clothing}: whenever possible limit wearing synthetics, especially in combination to woollen tissues, exclude wearing clothes{clothing} subtending a body, hard belts aggravating a blood-groove and elastic bands.
→ Calculate and select the favourable day for a conception, routinely it is the twelfth - the fourteenth days from the first day of the previous menses for woman.
→ There Are two nuances concerning a floor of the future child: first - if precisely to hit per day an ovulation the boy priority will be received, deviation{rejection} in one day earlier or later - priority the girl will be received; the second nuance - the longer you will be occupied with sex, the it is more probability of a birth of the boy, if fast - than the girl.
→ The Most able-bodied children are received, if up to a conception to abstain from sex four days. Use linear massage for improvement of activity of your organisms. Application of " a power pile " is useful also. Here there is a rule: the more on you of layers of clothes{clothing}, the more weakly effect. Also there is a scale of isolation, i.e. deterioration of efficacyy, depending on a material of your clothes{clothing}. I shall give her{it} in the order - from the best in the inferior: lockrams, cotton, a wool, silk, synthetics.
→ Now school extrasensors. Between the man and woman always is peculiar " a potential difference ". If to use disjointed " a power pile " this difference will amplify an atmospheric charge. Atmospheric contact piece should be consolidated on wrists of the man. "Patient", in this case woman, should reduce the organism in a condition of maximum electric conductivity. It can be made a self-suggestion. In the aggregate the plan, it looks, as a release phenomenon. "Healer", in this case the man, to the contrary, should increase resistance of a body, minimum electric conductivity. It is reached by a concentration of attention.
→ In an event of correct fulfilment of the called conditions, the man receives a capability extrasensors influences, on a number{series} of parameters close to "force" of the mean psychic. For this purpose it is necessary to approximate palms to a belly of woman on three - five centimeters, and to try "to inform, "transmit" not verbal CONCEPT: to improve an internal environment of a women organism, and its{her} ovicell (influence on "potential energy barrier" with the purpose of increase of its{her} selectivity in relation to spermatozoons, selection of the best), than is reached a selection, greatest possible genotype of the child.
→ This method not a panacea, but a means of the considerable reduction of probability of congenital malformations, physical and mental inferiority. Described influence should be executed{be come true} during two - three hours from the moment of sex.
→ What to do{make} further? Below I shall describe stages of development of the child, in days from the moment of a conception. Till nineteenth day the germ represents planting "lump" Not diffirencials cells.
Days: 19 - 35 initial development of a brain,
19-49 cordially vascular system,
26-56 arms{hand},
31-63 legs, lungs,
35-63 It is wetted secretory system,
49-56 dermal sensitivity,
56-63 kidneys,
To 63му to day the fundamentals of organs and systems are formed,
77-84 gustative papillas of tongue,
To 90 - are formed a vestibular apparatus,
To 120 to day final formation of an organism,
To 150 - conditional habituation to external actions.
→ I Advise women, these days simply to sit, at the best o'clock, under " a power pile ", having put arms{hand} on laps with palms up, and mentally to help correct formation of the child. Any extrasensors procedures these days to do{make} it is not necessary. Be protected these days from nuisances, quarrels and сглаза.
→ From 150го day it is possible snug, with the marital partner, to apply экстрасенсорное influence with the purpose of putting off{taking out} or reduction of a toxicosis and correction of development of the child. It is possible to apply linear massage is tender. I recommend to not fatten a fruit.
→ One week prior to stems (when the belly will be lowered{omitted}) conduct influence with the purpose of facilitation of stems, the partial anaesthetization, set-up of a women organism with a favorable outcome. Whether ? It is possible, how that to influence on spiritually - intellectual development of the child? Yes, below I shall describe extrasensors "lessons" of correction of spiritual nature with the purpose of waking abilities and bestowals of children. How here you will need the strong positive emotional adjust, I shall use religious terms. So it will be easier to you to create necessary "aura".
→ I Produce fragmentary, you will need to do some intellectual{intelligent} activity on concept and a docking of sense and the content. How "to inform and transmit" all this to the child I do not feature. Boringly it and is long. There is a lot of literature, where practice is described routine extrasensors and how to take advantage to her to the routine person, is recited above. As, as a last resort, can experiment intuitively. If the sense will not leave, and it is worse you will not make to the child.
→ And so: the Husband and the wife is unified spirit, in this case only чадо the blessing.
→ "Charge" strength of mind Sacred. Spirit of force, love, self-control, give me force to bring Kindness in this World.
→ "is "Kind" - finished up to the logic, balanced extremity business where both the eventual result and subproducts suitable for use have ability to not cause harm of harmony of World system.
→ Concept of goods, as a fundamentals of life - its{her} base, goods всеохватного, wraparound, goods active, active, instead of contemplative, poured out on attitudes{relations} between people, to a nature, to creation of arms{hand} human.
→ Elimination of egoism, whims: thee not "navel" of the universe, not the centre around of which the world is twisted. Receive to itself pleasure from kickback of, the attention and businesses of thy arms{hand} - for people.
→ " the New person " Rearrangement of an ontogeny with embedding genetic memory{remembrance} - a subconscious mind: internally the balanced form with a capability
→ self-improvement of an internal environment of an organism, at the expense of a thorough revision of mutagenous impacts of an environment. Concept about maintenance of an internal rhythm of power.
→ Diligence, rationalism, depressing{supression} of emotions - calmness and thoughtfulness. Building (transformation{conversion}) of a perfect aura.
→ "Intelligence" Loose, light originating and a shuffle branchy Neuronelogic chains with the purpose of obtaining the bound logic outcome having harmonic completeness (completeness) and triggering feeling of satisfaction from well made affair /// to pay attention on The terminals Neuronelogic chains - a resonance to "golden section" - a beta of a wave /// Influence on a means "To punch{knock}" membrane potential, for lining Neuronelogic chains, coding{code} on drop of threshold potentials.
→ "Activation" the Whole kind active nature, with mobile, branched Neuronelogic circuits, with Itself perfected an internal environment of an organism, with heightened steadfastness from influences of an environment. The transducer of the World - act. ? Experience, learn{find out}, where interest of the child is directed and develop it{him}. The human directivity will become aggravated: either sciences or art. "Physics" or "Lyric".
→ Pretouchsensitive preparation:
- The mild, vitaminized supper, not less than three hours before dream
- Good, rigorous dream, for this purpose hangover walk in the evening
- In the morning, on an empty stomach, a warm shower
- At waking appetite - a sleeve of warm water
- Clothes{Clothing}, a constant wear garment (whenever possible) without synthetics, without hard elastic bands and belts
- Nerves to the child to not yank
- Whenever possible to not touch a shining metal goods
- To call and sustain a smile
→ After the influence, not less than three hours a hangover condition - the minimum of emotions, talks. Better walk.
→ I have mentioned concept " Neuronelogic chains ", it, probably, to you is not understandable. Probably it is necessary to write the whole chapter dedicated activity of a brain.

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