Principles of operation of intellection

→ I could read some of the literature dedicated a brain. There were descriptions of probes, experiences, but that I searched, anywhere was not. It was necessary to think and parse itself so is faster, and the version was excluded, that, прочтя everything, necessary and will not appear.... Below I shall describe, how the brain thinks.
→ the Maximum nervous activity named activity of intelligence, it is possible to consider at several levels:
→ In the simple chance, the brain represents the low frequency multiway flowing processor working on an analog recombination of neurones.
→ If to take a level is deeper, the location of consciousness is possible to say, that, is frontal кортекс, and a neocortex - fields of projections, memories, associations.
→ it is much more interesting to see Large - unitized activity of a brain, difference of men's and women intellections. The brain of any alive entities contains The evaluators - the associative unit, the unit of a long-term memory and the RAM. If to present it small cubes, for example, for men it is secreted major The evaluators - the associative (thinking) unit, the tiny RAM and the modest unit of a long-term memory. For women Is decomposed other: the modest evaluator, the huge RAM and a major warehouse of ready solutions (it I about a long-term memory).
→ Despite of the backlog{lag} fixed by medical statistics in volume of a brain of women from men (on the average on 250 cubic centimeters, i.e. on 12 - 15 %), such расклад "small cubes" allow women to do{make} simultaneously some simple businesses, fast - often, more fast men to orient in familiar situations. From here follows necessity to women to have the speech centre superior men's - a warehouse to charge it is necessary. Well, only valid solutions. For when there is a time and desire, The evaluators capabilities of men do not have a limit. As a whole the game in "small cubes" shows, where and as it is better to adjust cooperation between floors.
→ Neurone-logic chains or as there is an intellection. The information in a brain remains deposited in is associative the given structural systems of neurones (here still there is a mechanism of reminder, the bound with building inside neurones of specific proteins, but it does not fall into to a theme considered by us). So, switching{changeover} of attention from one subject of speculations to other is possible to say, that, implements a recombination of active neuronic axons. And, it can be the same neurones, but coherent in other combination.
→ Process of intellection consists of building temporary or the stationary values, logically stipulated neuronic systems. As farly there is this process, how much neuronic communications{connections} are involved, the linear or branchy structure is received, depends, including, and from a condition of synapses (The terminals neuronic axons). I term such volumetric structure of neurones Neurone-logic as a chain.
→ On a condition of synapses, their making capacity, it is possible to influence suggestion, meditation, electromagnetic influences. In learning process or do-it-yourself intellection, peculiar structural - topological templates will be derivated.
→ I.e. if what or process of intellection is successfully completed at the following certificate{act} of intellection it will be involved, it is better to say it utilised, the same structural combination keeping algorithm. And this, To underline, a topological template can be logically utilised by "imposing"{"superposition"} on absolutely other neuronic systems, epines of a brain. Such templates collects much, and at intellection, they in the beginning are sorted out, at not capabilities to reach{achieve} the purpose of intellection, the brain starts to combine, create a new template.
→ the Facts and outcome look, as fixed combinations of structures of neurones. Actuarially the intellection can be presented so:

If it is a little bit{some} initial{starting} parcels{sendings}, process of intellection looks so:

Proceeding from this, the men's phylum of intellection looks like this:

I.e. it is process of the long-lived linear "creative" intellection, and the women phylum of intellection looks a little differently:

The intellection goes on short Neurone-logic to chains, but search goes many parallel ways, i.e. it is process of fast selection similar.
→ I Want to underline, that schemes of STANDARD men's and women intellections are submitted{shown}. Actually and men, sometimes, use women phylum of intellection, and woman - men's.
→ there Are still some nuances: at analytical activity, men basically use a dextral parencephalon, and disconnect left-handed. Both hemispheres uniformly work for women. Apparently, it because the left-handed hemisphere manages functions of speech.
→ To five years of life, for children formation of concepts, associations terminates, formation of brain rhythms (to five years an alpha of a wave, remaining later) starts. As to five years the child has the abstract intellection, asymmetry of hemispheres. About "right-handed persons" and "lefthanders", - the statistical pattern looks so: as "speaking" hemisphere routinely consider{count} left-handed, but it so for 95 % of "right-handed persons" and 65 % of "lefthanders". Accordingly speak dextral hemisphere of "right-handed persons" of 5 % and 35 % of "lefthanders". For 3-4 % of "lefthanders" it is prepotent (i.e. commands) dextral hemisphere

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