What is "DESTINY"

→ No, I shall not press in "lyrics".
I am going to explain precisely and clearly from positions of "Knowledge", that such "Destiny". Probably in whose that a head already there came such treatment (concept) of life, development of life, evolution of the universe, and communication{connection} of it of all among themselves and, for example, with "destiny" of a concrete alive organism.
people egoistically and близоруко understand As "destiny" ONLY concrete events, concrete life. It NOT so. All has the destiny around - "alive" and not alive. For example - a small insect, a blade, эвезда, a galaxy, the universe.
"Destiny" - the general{common} and interconnecting the phenomenon of ALL.

it is usual, by what consideration of "history" or event, speak about causally - investigatory circuits, BUT consider{examine} them "куцо" - very much ораниченно " on the parties{sides} ", and in a context personal " the main stroke of bad luck ". That radically it is not true!

→ the Element causally - the investigatory circuit can consider{examine} " inducing motives " what or actions. Graphically it can be presented so:

The corner between (6) and (7) is a corner of a range of the greatest possible probabilities of the future event, directed in the future (in top).
Lines from a corner up to points (1.....(7) - directions (vectors) of the greatest probability of "casual" events or the decisions dependent on the different moments in developing environmental conditions.
Length of lines of vectors - the probability expressed graphically конктетных actions (acts) of " the separate subject of destiny " in a present situation of time, in the certain direction.
Red bending around - a spectrum of probability, including the "improbable" events located between lines (1.....(7).
I "have represented" and have explained an element causally - to an investigatory circuit for the further construction from them the general{common} picture of Destiny. " Causally - an investigatory circuit " I, in this case, examine{consider} concept not absolutely standardly, but within the limits of logic "admission" on similar constructions.

→In a picture, what "family tree" or events (for example, a sheet from a tree a wind has broken). But for this event - the wind should to undertake whence that (and for this purpose, air on the Earth when that will appear), a tree вырости (and up to him{it} - when that, to seaweed will arise), etc. And all this represents - the WEDGE of the EVENTS previous present, directed from past in the future.

In general about what I have written, is intuitively clear to the majority of people. But in evident - the graphic form to me this information to meet it was not necessary.

→ If to accept to consideration only "reacted" in [~прошлом ~] the vectors, without taking into account not happened variants - (appeared in THAT moment by virtue of what that of the reasons, "weaker") - we shall receive concrete " a line of destiny " what or the subject (or object) the World.

→ And, further, we shall make a start from the pictures submitted above and we shall consider bottom. Here, in poorly art form, attempt to represent on 2х is submitted to a measured plane 4х measured "life" several resulting " lines of destiny ".
More to the left of line C-C there is "HISTORY", more to the right - the "FUTURE" were the WAVE of PROBABILITY.
In a reality - some, anyone, lines can collide{face}, взаимоизменяя the trajectories, stop, being lost sight, перекрещиваться, etc. generating it the INTERFERENCE of EVENTS.
In 4х the measured world the plane of section C-C corresponds{meets} to " a present situation of time ", perceived by us as " today and now ".

→ And how it is possible to guess, I have brought you to comprehension " КОРПУСКУЛЯРНО - WAVE " essence of DESTINY!
With all conformity inherent корпускулярно - the wave theory and, besides, to waves of probability де Бройля and to a principle of uncertainty Гейзенберга.
On "restrictions" of this theory, be relative " the sizes of particles ", I want to remind, that ALL be relative, and on scales - a planet "Earth", concerning the sizes of the universe - much "more finely", than электрон - concerning the sizes of a microscope. All depends on system of coordinates of NECESSARY "point of view", and "DESTINY" - has no weight (* analogue of photon "field").
the Last - lines of destiny can approach (кучковаться) in "пучности" - a resonance of the most probable events as the variant which is giving rise to the following to " the Big burst of spectra ".

→ The wave of probability " today, now " passes in OBSERVABLE separate "particles" of a history - dates / events....

→ All be relative, and "having fixed" in a zone of probability what or event - it becomes " a point of departure " for a wave of probability moving back and as is " the revolting factor ", resulting{bringing} to occurrence gallop of distortion and condensation in a nearby zone of the probability, causing shocks - extending on all universe (in aerodynamics, analogue - a cone of the Move).

→Speaking household language, I want to tell, what NOT ALL is PREDETERMINED, but, THAT HAPPENS - ALL HAS the PRECONDITIONS.
That is - takes place to be FATE, and big, but also to FREEDOM of WILL should be.

→ Conclusions:
1) All - "is be relative predetermined"
2) ALL is Absolutely взаимовлияет
3) Theoretically, it is possible (with a high degree of probability) расчитать ANY event both in the future, and in the past. All depends ONLY on computing capacity of a computer and a sufficient detail of "matrix" of interactions.
4) it is Possible (theoretically!) so to change "моментную" a matrix TODAY, that "feedback" will become a thing of the past also it will change, according to logic of "illogical" change.
5) If as, where that to designate concrete "lines" of small destinies of ALL (or хотяб many) " objects of the World " - volumetric "matrix" very much reminding, physically, the hologram (is present in view of not the image, and "carrier" - for example, a photographic plate with the strokes put on it{her}) with that degree of reliability from what it has been made деталировка "events" will turn out.
As is known, small "fragment" of the hologram comprises the information on all object, only with some, escalating - on a measure of increase in "piece", clearness деталировки. "Having made" small, it is accessible - limited " the plan of Destiny ", it is possible to behold something the greater.

* Perhaps, the most interesting, from all aforesaid, item{point} 4) is

→ I could meet comparisons of our universe with the big hologram. But, were only philosophizing. I have tried to prove and explain one of practical " really - modelling " approaches to concept of essence of the universe.

and unusual (for time) the theory of plurality of worlds Хью of Everett was rather interesting. This theory, at first sight, a little перекликается with the treatment of concept submitted by me "DESTINY".
But, I want to emphasize, that it "перекликание" is possible only in limited "place", namely in " sector of uncertainty " - i.e. there where the concept "HISTORY" - is absent.
Accordingly - I "do not believe" in plurality of the worlds in that context that has offered Everett.
it is Possible, I and am mistaken, BUT, you see, ABSOLUTELY DIMENSIONLESS assemblage of various (parallel) variants of the SAME universe in any logic looks excluded.
the NATURE - is rather simple and economic!!!
And the statement of the pupil and follower Hju of Everett - David Dojcha, that the universe "is similar" to a quantum computer, I objectively support.

The theory of plurality of worlds Хью of Everett

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